'One of the greatest threats to the Jewish people is the disunity between Israel and the diaspora'

Koret Center for Jewish Civilization, based at Tel Aviv University, will build greater understanding between Israeli Jews and American Jews

Comet explosion may have ended ancient Native American culture - study

No one knows why the Hopewell culture, stretching from Lake Ontario to parts of Florida, mysteriously ended in around 500 CE – but a comet airburst could be the answer.

People sit at the base of a pyramid in the archaeological site of Becan at the Calakmul Biosphere Re

In Mexico, ancient Maya cave reveals mysterious painted hand prints

Archeologist Sergio Grosjean argues that the hand prints were likely made by children as they entered puberty, due to a analysis of their size, with the colors providing a clue to their meaning.

A FENCE along the Israel-Egypt border.

The wall-builders vs the bridge-builders

Can the ideological forces driving the geopolitics of the 21st century still be characterized as “Right” or “Left”?

The Tower of Babel

No return to Babel

NATIONALISM should not be the enemy of globalization but it should temper a universalism that robs individuals and civilizations and nations of their unique identity.

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