A COO's tips to drive excellent CX score with experience led growth

  (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

Radixweb’s COO, Dharmesh Acharya speaks about the true deal behind building a consistent and sustainable revenue model – shares his learnings to reinvent CX journeys through truly connected experiences.

As an IT pioneer, I often feel the need to toggle between a thought leader and an experience leader to feel the true pulse of my customers. We must keep in mind that nimble, digital-native software development services are the cue to delivering ‘personalization at scale’.

The world’s wisest business leaders who bank on experience-led growth, constantly aim at delivering more rounded up value to the customers by designing relevant experiences and connected solutions. 

Let me spell the thorniest problem for a new-age CIO – it isn’t as much acquiring new leads, but retaining the existing clientele they have. As the C suites, we must realize that with every passing day, our service offerings and products are getting highly commoditized. So, to mark your distinction, you must first deep dive into a sustainable growth strategy.

I’ll give you some learnings from my 23 years of experience in terms of reimagining CX that furthered my organization towards sustainable, experience-led growth.

Make Your Customer Your First Priority

Practicing a customer-first approach takes enormous patience from a CIO. We are hard-wired by experiences accumulated over the years. However, this ‘I Know Better’ attitude is the first roadblock. At the core of a customer-first business is a digital strategy that carefully listens, analyses and caters to the customer’s pain point.

Once you have assessed the core needs of your client’s business, you need to form a future-proof and growth focused roadmap that encompasses the value you intend to offer them. A set of consistently delighted customers does not just bring in trust along with a high CX ratio but a solid financial outcome as well.

Integrate Impact and Value into Your Solutions

You must realize that your customers won’t relate to your business aspirations. For them to come to you and stick around, show them the true value that your solutions would add to their business. 

Talking about my business, we have always been digitally nimble and focused on delivering a sound impact to a client’s business through our solutions. However, the demands of our clients were evolving at pace. We gradually developed a 360-degree value integration approach where we considered ourselves responsible for not just delivering a solution but the ripples of impact it made on our client’s revenue growth. 

Not only did we develop software solutions that addressed their problems, but we belted out a well-rounded support – right from training their in-house teams and engaging with them in knowledge transfer about how to leverage the solutions for the best results, assessing the performance data of our solutions, and most importantly, building interpersonal relationships with our clients. All of these strategies shifted our brand image from just a software partner to a band of empathetic problem solvers. 

Driving Transformative Changes Within the Business Model

As a two-decade old application development company, I can tell you that our superlative aim now is to assist our clients better in their software development journeys. The graph for change in the tech industry moves at an unbeatable speed. And the skills that your resources have today will become irrelevant down the line. But as a CIO, you know it isn’t always feasible to hire new resources for advanced roles because that way your existing resources lose their professional curve. 

As a senior member of the C team, my experience led me to explore a new path. We began heavily investing in our ready base of resources, prepping them for disruptive market scenarios, upskilling and training them regularly in new and relevant technologies – thus carving the niche for a truly cross-functional team. 

As our teams felt more empowered through newfound learnings, we saw a drastic boost in their creativity and ownership values. We build a tribe of nimble digital natives who walk, talk and practice a digital-first approach. 

As for our clients, our constant endeavors in building a highly competent team that is prepared to handle any thrust of disruption, have made us the most ‘trusted’ offshore partners. 

The Last Pinch

Innovation isn’t a stunt; it is a continuous practice. And to facilitate true sustainable innovation for yourself and your clients as an application development company, you must first focus on adopting a radically different approach. Sift out the aspiration to acquire more leads at the pace because it would overheat your acquisition models. 

Bring back your focus on delivering the best of your capabilities for your existing clientele – help them reach their best aspirational scores and revenue goals, assist them with firebrand capabilities and in turn reach your goals for a fabulous CX, aka., sustainable revenue growth.

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