A Valiant Soldier, Phenomenal Mentor and a Striving Entrepreneur, Meet Antonia Stephenson II

Behind every success and accomplishment, there is a burning passion, blood, sweat and tears and the courage to pursue one’s dream.

 (photo credit: ANTONIA STEPHENSON)
(photo credit: ANTONIA STEPHENSON)
Raised in Raleigh, North Carolina, Antonia Stephenson served onboard aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN -71) for 8 years. Even though the hardships that come with joining the navy, Antonia never backed down. His optimism made him realise the deftness, discipline and ingenuity that comes with the job. Antonia admits that his time in the military made him the goal oriented organised man he is today.

The skills acquired and a penchant to start and build his own empire led Antonia to venture into real estate. His main vision and purpose through this start-up is to help clients and give them opportunities to multiply their wealth. He redefined many concepts and the ongoing methods by providing alternative investment strategies.  He believed in bridging the gap between the poor and the rich.

Stephenson always had a knack for teaching and wanted to share his knowledge to help others. He conducted many seminars and educated the American’s on the concepts of real estate and the ways of investment and budgeting. His passion and admiration towards marketing and sales and the experience from his venture related to finance, Stephenson was able to mentor the young minds and budding entrepreneurs. To prevail and continue his mission, Antonia joined the Black Chamber of Commerce - Black Brand located in Norfolk, VA in 2018. He even volunteered at Booker T. Washington high school through Black brand. Teaching children and shaping the minds of young people inspired Antonia to pursue teaching professionally. So to enhance and boost his teaching skill set, Antonia started working under the mentorship Of Tyrone Corbin and his wife which changed his life and made him take up a whole new path.

Also his philanthropic nature and the interest to help people, Stephenson created a Canaan Investment group wherein budding entrepreneurs and local people could meet up and discuss the investment market and formulate new strategies.

Antonia’s determination and the ability to turn things into gold with the right kind of vigour are an inspiration and surely an encouragement to everyone.