According to Israeli law, all Israelis are obliged to take out membership at one of the four Kupot

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(photo credit: PR)

Israel's system of socialized health care means that the basic basket of services is typically paid for by Bituach Leumi (National Insurance Institute). It can either be taken out of your paycheck or through other ways of payment.

Almost all state health functions are provided by the Ministry of Health, and as mentioned above, residents have four main healthcare companies to choose from, which provide a wide range of benefits including specific medical plans, treatment, prescriptions and more.

Israel’s national healthcare plan makes health coverage available to both citizens and permanent residents.

This plan doesn't have a deductible, but you must pay a small fee for visiting specialists and filling prescriptions. It’s funded by national income tax and income-related health tax.

That mentioned, the majority (approx. 85% of the general public in Israel) purchase supplementary health insurance for medical issues that are not included in the basic benefit package and to get quicker access and greater choices of the hospital they would visit in time of need. 

The private supplementary insurance can help them with medical treatments that are not included in the government-supported health plan or provide funding or discounts on any medication that may require a higher level of attention, than that provided by the State of Israel.

The high number of Israelis with supplementary health care coverage reflects a general lack of confidence in the national health care system's ability to fully fund and provide all health services needed in cases of severe illness.

There are, though, certain populations which are excluded from the State funded health care plan: soldiers, who receive care directly from the army; prisoners, who receive care from the Prison Service; documented and undocumented foreign workers, whom employers are required to provide them with private insurance programs; undocumented migrants, temporary residents, and tourists.

What Private Health Insurance Covers

Private health packages are a great choice. They allow you the peace of mind, knowing that you are better covered, and they give you more options to choose from. Examples of these packages include:

Medical treatments overseas, as private insurance enables you the freedom to use innovative procedures that are not yet available in Israel. You can also get access to a broader range of medications and even some elective surgeries.

Having a whole range of insurance cover options means that you can match the type and level of cover to your requirements. For example Ambulatory Care, Personal Accident Coverage, Cancer Packages, Critical Illness Coverage and more.

Some private health insurance packages even offer incentives to get back in shape and stay healthy. These include discounts on dietician appointments, gym memberships, and sports gear, as well as help with quitting smoking and cutting down on alcohol and sugar.

Although most insurance does take some time to activate and it's a bit of a wait, be aware that you will get more coverage once your policy is active.

With all this information, some feel that private health insurance is complicated as there are so many different plans to choose from. The plan which is best for someone will depend on their personal healthcare needs, known health risks and of course the ability to pay the additional cost of private health insurance.

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