Advanced studies in the heart of Israel’s innovation ecosystem

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem: Academic excellence and world-class, groundbreaking research at Israel’s most prestigious university

 (photo credit: YONIT SCHILLER)
(photo credit: YONIT SCHILLER)
Israel, a global tech leader known as the “Start-up Nation,” is responsible for some of the world's most exciting innovations that have changed the face of the planet.

Israel’s multi-disciplinary achievements are far-reaching – from medicine and the sciences to agriculture, business, and more. Today, the land that “made the desert bloom” is at the forefront of medical research and boasts one start-up for every 1,400 people! You’ll be inspired by your surroundings every day while studying and working in a country that doesn’t believe in accepting the status quo.
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The Hebrew University of Jerusalem: Drawing on Israel’s Greatest Strengths to Push Innovation Forward

The Start-Up Nation isn’t just a fact, it’s an attitude. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem inspires and encourages top-notch research and advancement, challenging its faculty and staff to study, create and discover from a unique perspective, backed by the ideology of innovation. 
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem is in a constant state of “doing.” New research, new innovations and the desire to stay ahead of the academic and technological current benefit the Israeli ecosystem and the entire world. 
The international graduate and post-graduate degree programs of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem are the clear choice for students looking to learn from top scholars while being inspired by the action surrounding them. 

Israel’s Technological Giants

Israel is home to some of the biggest and greatest tech companies in the world. The Start-Up Nation includes a wide range of Israeli “born and raised” companies such as Waze, Mobileye, Wix, and Payoneer, bringing the nation’s greatest minds to extraordinary accomplishments and massive exits. Together with locally grown companies, global enterprises such as Microsoft, Facebook, Google, and Intel have chosen to build large R&D centers throughout Israel in order to tap into the country’s mind power and reap the benefits of the spirit of innovation.

Groundbreaking, daring, and passionate work are the essence of the Israeli spirit. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem is the base of many of these accomplishments, by feeding the nation’s greatest minds into the innovation ecosystem. The country relies on the academic successes and the research being done at the University to continue to push Israel’s accomplishments forward. 
The Hebrew University’s Contribution to Society - Recent Achievements
  • Yissum’s (Hebrew U’s tech transfer company) start-ups raised $79 million in the first half of 2020 for 14 early-stage start-ups, a testament to the strength of the companies despite the global pandemic crisis. These ventures are in the Cleantech, agriculture and food tech sectors as well as life sciences, education and AI.  
  • Hebrew U’s start-ups are leading the world in medical research. Tissue Dynamics is a groundbreaking AI organ-on-chip drug development company and Nectin Therapeutics is a biotech company focused on cancer therapies. 

The Hebrew University: Bringing Together the World’s Greatest Minds in an Ecosystem of Innovation and Technology

Inspiration combined with knowledge are the tools to creating the next generation of leaders and innovators. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s alumni are some of the most accomplished throughout Israel and the world. Ariel Sharon, chemistry Nobel Prize winner Ada Yonath, Amos Oz, and Natalie Portman are among the university’s most successful graduates, spanning a wide range of fields. The combination of inspiration, connections, and the University’s surroundings are what will boost today’s students into future leaders of innovation and technology.