ALFI Foundation acts as a crisis responder,having a history of supporting aid initiatives worldwide

 (photo credit: ALSHAIR FIYAZ)
(photo credit: ALSHAIR FIYAZ)

The COVID-19 pandemic has provided a serious challenge to even the most powerful nations around the world, but it is undoubtedly the case that the worst of its effects have been felt by vulnerable and impoverished communities.

During this time of global uncertainty, humanitarian efforts are needed now more than ever before, and philanthropic organizations must take action. 

One organization recognising this need is the ALFI Foundation, an organization founded by the investor and philanthropist Alshair Fiyaz which has a history of supporting aid initiatives in some of the world’s worst international crises.

(Photo credit: Alshair Fiyaz )(Photo credit: Alshair Fiyaz )

Throughout 2020 the Foundation has worked hard to support communities facing major economic and social difficulties around the world. From providing financial support for single-parent families at the Burj Barajneh refugee camp in Lebanon, to funding a range of educational activities and school programmes in Pinsk, Belarus, the ALFI Foundation has looked to reduce the social and financial burden brought by the coronavirus on vulnerable communities. 

Beyond the Foundation’s core activities, ALFI Foundation Chairman and Founder Alshair Fiyaz has become a prominent supporter of international organizations looking to combat disease and poverty. Recently, Fiyaz partnered with UNICEF in an initiative to promote the eradication of Polio in his native country of Pakistan. As a result of the partnership, UNICEF improved its ability to monitor the disease and deliver vaccines to those communities who need it most.

ALFI’s efforts this year, combined with Fiyaz’s independent philanthropic work, highlight the real difference that can be made to vulnerable communities when philanthropic institutions act in a moment of crisis.