Andrea Vetrano on how he has helped leading brands create powerful content online

 (photo credit: ANDREA VETRANO)
(photo credit: ANDREA VETRANO)

A​s the ability to travel has started to increase, luxury hotel brands are turning heavily to digital to entice travelers to visit their locations. Marketing Experts are shifting their focus to more creative strategies, and hotels are reaping the benefits. One influencer, in particular, Andrea Vetrano, has helped numerous leading hotel brands build value online through creative posts and engagement. 

M​otivated by a lifelong yearning to visit unique places, Andrea started his social media career when he noticed his photographs and posts were getting a lot of attention. "I started on Facebook and migrated my work over to Instagram, where my following continues to increase," says Andrea. "I saw a lot of profiles that inspired me and went with it." In 2018 he was contacted by the manager of a prestigious hotel, and his career skyrocketed. 

A​ndrea has a different approach than most Marketing Experts. His content is tailored, original, and authentic. He takes the time to give vivid and enticing descriptions of his travels connecting with audiences around the world. "When people view my content, they know they are getting a first-hand experience," explains Andrea. "It draws them into a place before they've visited, prompting them to book."

A​ndrea believes that a successful Marketing Expert's platform isn't just made up of pretty pictures. It's crafted with posts that automatically convert. "What I've done in my partnerships is create strategies that showcase a hotel's style and ambiance, tying it into the whole visiting experience of the area," states Andrea. "I invite them to experience the place digitally, and that motivates people to pack their bags."

Understanding that your next great vacation is right at your fingertips, Andrea promotes that wow factor hotel brands want to convey. Andrea catches his audience's attention setting potential visitors up with the chance to book the hotel of their dreams straight from their phone. "You can scroll through pretty pictures all day but what I do is target those individuals looking to book," states Andrea. Andrea promotes a culture of travel by making it happen.