Upholding the spirit of entrepreneurship with Murad Islamov

  (photo credit: Murad Islamov)
(photo credit: Murad Islamov)

While entrepreneurs have always been around since the early 17th and 18th century, it wasn’t until the early 2000s that the term really took off. By the late 2000s, entrepreneur have developed into a whole breed of businessmen who profited off their bright ideas. Now more than ever, entrepreneurship is becoming increasingly challenging and unsuitable for those who are not a hundred percent consumed by the passion to create and innovate. Like any industry, it has its ups and downs. The journey of an entrepreneur has a fair share of challenges and celebration-worthy wins. That being said, a true entrepreneur is a person who never gives up despite the obstacles and keeps his eyes on the goal. 

One such entrepreneur is Murad Islamov. He is the founder and CEO of Maya Bagel Express. It is a family-operated cafè that serves mainly bagels headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky. Before Murad became an entrepreneur, the media already recognized him for his exceptional skills and goal-scoring abilities as a talented soccer player. As a sportsman, he learned the importance of putting in efforts for something you are passionate about. He always had the spirit of being independent and started doing jobs like mowing lawns, fixing computers, and helping operate a bagel shop from the young age of 16. You might wonder why someone who had his future cut out for him foray into something as challenging as starting his own business. There was an easy and simple answer to that question: Islamov understood that in order to succeed in life he couldn’t just be a master of just one trade. He intended to master many so that the foundation for success runs deep. 

While doing jobs and working for others, he was not satisfied by the returns he was getting and wanted to build something he can call his own. He founded Maya Bagel Express in 2019, built it from scratch, and turned it into a successfully running business that brings smiles to people’s faces by serving them delicious and wholesome food. The name of the food chain is after the name of his grandmother. Plus Maya in Turkish means bread yeast, so it was very creative to name the bagel shop that. The art of making bagels runs in his family’s blood as his parents also worked for bagel shops in New England. His family came up with the best New York-style bagel recipe that the people of America love.  

What use is knowledge if it is not shared with the world and not used to help other people to overcome their challenges? Murad doesn’t keep his secrets to himself. He keeps sharing tips on entrepreneurship on his social media handles. Many people who are on their journey of building their business, get inspired by him daily. He communicates his daily life experiences in such a way that they become solutions for living a successful life. 

Murad has an entrepreneurial mindset that helps him to tackle obstacles and keep going no matter how hard the situation is. Running a business is not a child’s play. It takes courage to take more than normal financial risks and bet only on one’s hard work and the will to keep going. 

Apart from being the founder and CEO of Maya Bagel Express, he is also a real estate investor and a social media creator. He has also opened a gym called Greyhound fitness. His spirit of never giving up shows in all his ventures. 

Bagels are comfort food. Having one can make you feel happy and satisfied even on the days you feel nothing can cheer you up. The Instagram page of Maya Bagel Express is frequently updated and is a visually aesthetic representation of the brand and you can see for yourself the delicious, lip-smackin’ food they make. 

This article was written in cooperation with Maya Bagel Express