Your holiday gift guide: 7 best tech to impress & travel with this winter

  (photo credit: DaVinci IQC)
(photo credit: DaVinci IQC)

Travel means the world for some. But it can also be extremely annoying and frustrating if you’re not well equipped to endure every kind of stress you may face during a trip. 

We know the pain: we’ve spent years travelling without being equipped, and suddenly we reached the conclusion that having the right travel gadgets and accessories has to be a top priority if we want to travel smart. However, now with the holiday season ticking away, some of us feel the need to find the right tech gift to treat ourselves and the last few people on our shopping list. 

If you’re still out there searching for the perfect gift for the tech-enthusiasts on your list, look no further than these innovative, travel-friendly gadgets. We’ve dug into our Santa bag to find the gift that’s worth your time, so let’s get to the finish line with this handful of last-minute gifts guide.

1. Davinci IQ2 Vaporizer The DaVinci IQ2 premium dry herb vaporizer is a good choice if you’re a clean and pure vapour enthuse. In fact, this little gadget boasts of being one of the cleanest vaping experiences ever. The IQ 2 vaporizer has a sleek and stealthy design, making it easy to take wherever you go and used by beginner and expert vaping fans alike. It is actually perfect for people who consider themselves as ‘connoisseurs’, whether they are using it for medical purposes or recreational, they can really dial in on the vapor temperature and track dosage through its On-Device Dosage tracking feature or through the app, giving them the optimal experience they need.

The DaVinci IQ 2 is pretty pricey at $295 but has a number of accessories that sweeten the deal despite the fairly steep price point of the product. If you or someone on your list really enjoys a clean and pure vape, smooth yet intense flavour from the herbs, the Davinci IQ series is a bomb of a gift. 

2. MiniPresso – Portable Espresso Machine MiniPresso GR is an incredibly useful espresso maker which is so portable. This tiny espresso maker can help you create a flavoured-backed brew in a matter of seconds, thanks to its pump-action mechanism. 

The MiniPresso is also commonly referred to as the Russian doll of coffee makers. Everything nicely screws together into one compact, hand-sized package. 

At under $54.90, MiniPresso, is one of the cheapest portable coffee machines, making it a great gift for coffee lovers looking to make espresso while riding the world. 

3. Zendure Passport 2 Pro Travel Adapter If you or a loved one occasionally work abroad, then probably you’re looking for ways to reduce the number of cables and charges you need to pack alongside your devices. 

Impress this winter with a universal travel adaptor that can charge devices fast and, best of all, can handle power distribution automatically. 

With over 200 supported countries, safety procedures and design, plus a variety of devices to charge in one go (including modern laptops and USB-C devices), the Zendure 2 Pro Travel Adaptor is a gift of choice for both at home and travelling. 

Weighing no more than 50 grams, this universal travel adaptor is massively convenient to carry around. It can fit your sling bag, travel bag, backpack, and even your pocket. Also, since you no longer need to pack your device charger, you’re saving some space to pack in more clothes. 

4. Trtl Fully Adjustable Travel Pillow This unique gift will solve a lot of problems for someone who actually travels a lot. The Trtl adjustable travel pillow makers proudly claim that it’s scientifically engineered to promote comfort and ensure breathability. Best of all?

This pillow is completely customizable, which means it will comfort you in every direction. So next time you’re on the go, don’t worry about the posture; you can turn around in any way and yet sleep heavenly. You will not regret gifting this pillow!

5. The Canon IV Rose Gold Mini Because the modern traveller loves to catch in every aspect of the adventure but does so with versatility and convenience, the Canon gold mini printer is here to stay this winter. It’s an excellent gift for someone who loves to customise their pictures in a variety of ways. 

With the Canon gold mini printer, it’s easy to add frames, stickers, emojis, text, filters, collage print, tile print and more. Not to mention it is small enough to fit any pocket, making it ideal for taking it even on a hike. 

There’s a good chance you’d love this mini printer if you’re always on the go in love to take pictures. The image quality comes out way better than you may expect, so don’t worry much; it’s still a worthy gift for a traveller on your Christmas list.

6. Tribit XSound Go Bluetooth Speaker Everyone calls out on this Tribit speaker, which also lasts for 24 hours. The sound and the bass quality out of this box is truly outstanding for their price range.

If you’re looking for a small Bluetooth speaker to take with you on a trip or when hanging with friends, the Tribit XSound does more than you expect. 

The bass clearly scales with volume, and on the low-mid volume, you will be surprised by how much this little gadget puts out. Even better, the Tribit speaker is waterproof, making it invincible to outdoors. This gift will impress with the battery life and connectivity, but mostly the quality of sound.

7. Benjilock Fingerprint Fingerprints can lock some of the most valuable items in our lives, from the front door of our home to our smartphones. It’s clearly an important key and unique feature of our body, so why not put it to more use? 

Impress this Christmas with a Benjilock that uses fingerprints to lock and unlock a series of things. This padlock is one of those go-to Christmas gifts that everyone, at some point, is going to share. You will find the Benjilock Fingerprint a very smart and reliable Christmas gift, which is one of the most important details.

"This article was written in cooperation with DaVinciVaporizer"