Why do some online bookmakers grow in popularity faster than others?

  (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

Some online bookmakers grow in popularity faster than others because of the things they offer. Although most sports betting websites offer similar services, there are always small details that differentiate the different brands. 

Finding the most suitable online bookmaker for you is a lengthy process, even if you have a lot of experience. Some people prefer reading reviews, whereas others want to check the brands themselves. In both cases, people usually don’t create an account on a given iGaming site prior to checking it. Speaking of checking, let’s take a good look at some of the things that make certain bookies way more popular in the online betting industry.

They have permits from multiple jurisdictions

One of the common reasons why some bookmakers have considerably more clients than others is the fact that they have a valid license. Even though some people don’t care about the permits, experienced punters avoid using unlicensed iGaming websites. That’s one of the reasons why Betenemy’s review about the fast-growing Bulgarian online casino Betano points out that this site has a permit from the local government. This allows the authorities to regulate the things that the brand offers.

It is important to know that some countries do not have any betting authorities because they do not allow gambling in any form. This means that the only way to access any iGaming company is by using different software, such as a VPN.

If you live in a place where there is a gambling regulator, the first you should do is check whether it regulates the brand you like. Don’t be surprised if you don’t find the bookie you like because most sports betting platforms have a permit from the Malta Gaming Authority and Curacao’s Government. The two places allow them to be accessible in several countries worldwide.

Their welcome bonus is impressive

Apart from the regulations, another reason why some iGaming websites are becoming more popular than others is the welcome promotions. If you check out several sports betting sites, you will see that all of them have a signup reward. Although they may offer other promos, this one usually stands out. This shouldn’t be a surprise because the welcome promotion attracts tons of new clients.

There are some exceptions, but most welcome bonuses require clients to make a deposit. Interestingly, the reward people can get is percentage-based, which means the more money they add into their accounts, the bigger the prize. This forces some users to make larger transactions.

Some bookies have better apps than others

One of the things that people often forget when choosing an online bookmaker is to check the mobile apps. That’s one of the reasons why the review of the Bulgarian bookmaker Efbet by Betenemy shares more information about them. These apps can be downloaded on Android and iOS, and they allow people to bet on the go.

Sadly, not all betting applications are the same. Although they require punters to complete the same installation steps, each app is different. In addition to the specific design, some apps are known for providing users with more sports and markets. There are apps that will even allow you to use other betting sections and exclusive promotions. Hence, it is advisable to test the app prior to making a deposit.

Certain brands offer Virtual Sports

Another reason why some iGaming operators grow in popularity a lot faster than others is because of the additional betting sections. Most companies offer a casino and even a poker section, but only a few have virtual sports. The latter doesn’t seem that impressive at first because people usually don’t like wagering on computer simulations. Although it may not be as exciting as punting on real sports, some virtual sports offer great odds. What’s even more impressive is that you can always bet on them, even if it is 2 AM on a Monday.


This article was written in cooperation with David Antherson