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“Being a lawyer is a mission, It provides one with the knowledge and the power to change people’s lives.”

 (photo credit: YIFAT BEN AVI BROWN)
(photo credit: YIFAT BEN AVI BROWN)
“Being a lawyer is a mission,” says Adv. Yifat Ben Avi Brown. “It provides one with the knowledge and the power to change people’s lives.” Brown, who heads the boutique law firm that bears her name, has been helping clients throughout Israel for the past thirteen years in a wide variety of legal matters, including insolvency/execution cases, real estate, wills and inheritance, and civil-commercial law.

The Ashdod-based firm has handled hundreds of insolvency cases, representing private and commercial clients in proceedings until the final closure of all debts has been reached to the client’s satisfaction. Over the years, Brown and her associates have managed to achieve relief of debts for their clients amounting to millions of shekels. Brown not only provides legal guidance but helps her clients navigate their difficult financial situations, putting them on the path to economic rehabilitation. Adv. Ben Avi Brown also serves as deputy chairperson of the Israel Bar Association’s Insolvency Committee and participates in professional seminars on the topic.

The firm, which employs three associates and an advanced legal intern, is highly experienced in the real estate and urban renewal fields and has represented five major Pinui-Binui projects that have upgraded aging urban structures and fifty Tama 38/1 seismic retrofitting projects, which have renovated existing buildings that were at risk of being severely damaged in an earthquake. Brown primarily represents building residents in these cases, accompanying them with professionalism, care, and accessibility from beginning to end. Most of the projects that the firm has facilitated are located in Ashdod, Rishon LeZion, and Holon, where several projects have already been completed to the residents’ satisfaction.

Adv. Ben Avi Brown also represents plaintiffs and defendants in civil cases, handling monetary issues such as claims regarding construction defects, evacuation of tenants from properties, and representing defendants in criminal planning and zoning cases vis-à-vis local authorities. She is also proficient in legal matters regarding wills and inheritance law, preparing orders of succession (‘Tzav Yerusha’), registering wills, and appearing in court matters related to inheritances.

In addition to the services mentioned earlier, Brown provides an extensive suite of notary services, including approval of signatures for mortgage banks, powers of attorney, notary translations, preparation of notarized unwitnessed wills, certificates of marital agreements, document certifications, certificates of life, and more.

Adv. Ben Avi Brown holds an LLB degree from the Academic College of Law in Ramat Gan and an LL.M. (Master of Law) from the Academic Center for Law and Business in Ramat Gan with a specialization in human rights. She is currently studying for her doctoral degree in law. She also holds a diploma in mediation and serves as a mediator between litigants in civil and family cases. The essence of mediation is to reach an acceptable agreement for all of the parties, and her firm has recorded numerous successes in such cases.

As a boutique law practice, the firm of Yifat Ben Avi Brown is characterized by the personal, warm, and speedy attention it provides to its clients. Adv. Ben Avi Brown is at her clients’ disposal at any almost any hour and personally participates in all discussions and meetings. The office staff is fluent in both Hebrew and English.

“I use my legal knowledge and abilities to help people,” says Yifat Ben Avi Brown.

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