LinkedIn fails to remove antisemitic content – British attorneys group

68% of antisemitic content is allowed to remain on the platform, according to Fighting Online Antisemitism.

Fate of settler suspect in Palestinian murder returns to District Court

Elisha Yered along with another settler was arrested on Saturday morning for their involvement in the clashes in Burka.

Israel's Herzog law firm shows how to find the best with diversity

Leading Israeli law firm Herzog, Fox & Neeman has demonstrated a different approach to diversity that it claims has expanded its talent pool for employees.

Overloaded courts: Does Israel have too many lawyers?

There are about 820 lawyers per 100,000 people in Israel, and according to the Council of Europe in 2020, European states had an average of 164 lawyers per 100,000 inhabitants. 

JP Morgan Chase

Epstein victims seek approval of JPMorgan $290 m. settlement

Epstein died at age 66 while awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges. New York City's medical examiner called the death a suicide.


Judicial reform opponent may win Israel Bar race with record turnout

Interim Israel Bar Association chairman Amit Becher, a staunch opponent of the judicial reform, may have won the Bar's elections.

With Judicial Reform backdrop, Bar candidates make last election appeals

The Bar said that Tuesday will see 77,201 lawyers go to one of 171 polling stations across 67 towns in Israel and submit up to four different colored ballots.

CUNY Graduate Center

Anti-Israel speech: Jewish NGOs call for US Bar to revoke CUNY's accreditation

A law graduation commencement speech called for a rage-fueled revolution against capitalism, racism, imperialism and Zionism worldwide.

New York lawyer caught using fake case citations made by ChatGPT

"The court is presented with an unprecedented circumstance," wrote the district judge on the case.

Court rejects IDF soldier appeal to be freed from Shin Bet interrogation

The soldier had been prevented from meeting with his lawyer for 72 hours.

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