Barry Kibwika, aka Harnun, excelling in his work

After succeeding in his ventures, Sabaa" and "The 47th Dynasty", he is moving ahead at a fast pace.

  (photo credit: Barry Kibwika)
(photo credit: Barry Kibwika)

To be successful and gain prominence in any field is not an easy job, and one has to face the gravest of challenges and get through odds to get close to success. However, a few have broken all barriers and embraced glory owing to their talent, hard work, and determination, which has led to their success. These selected few have gone through the most extreme situations, braving all that came their way, and accomplished what they desired in no time. Different industries have produced many such talented beings, but have all gone ahead in gaining extreme momentum and success, even at a relatively young age? Well, there have been a few who have made sure to spare no effort and have gone ahead in succeeding in their professional endeavours, but one name that tops above all is that of Barry Kibwika, who is also popularly known by the name of Harnun.

Harnun has been recognized as an exceptional talent who has impressed all with his impeccable work, which has been one of the reasons for his growth within such a short span of time. The quality of work that he has been presenting has got him noticed amidst many talented individuals who have set a strong foothold in their respective sectors. He has surprised all with his amazing work as a leading fashion entrepreneur, and this has made him stand out from his contemporaries and how. Not all have been able to reach such astounding heights of success at an age when many are still figuring out where to head towards in their careers. He has attained success at a lightning speed, and that has amazed all, as achieving such enormous amounts of recognition is indeed commendable.

When asked this 33-year-old Kampala, Uganda born entrepreneur what made him turn towards fashion, he replied saying, "I was drawn towards the fashion realm right from my childhood, and my interest grew with age as I kept learning about the subject more, eventually leading to the establishment of my two brands Sabaa and The 47th Dynasty." Seeing how the other established names did in the industry, watching their body of work closely, their designs, and colour palette to easily blend in their designs, he was immediately sold to the idea of creating his career in the world of fashion with the aim to stand tall with these greats of the industry. 

Talking about Sabaa Elite, Harnun highlights that it has grown as a one-of-a-kind apparel and accessories collection and brand, offering comfort, affordability, and style all packed in one for catering to men, women, and kids. The collection that the young fashionpreneur offers with his brand exudes his thirst to reach the forefront of the fashion world, which provides comfort and luxury designs both. A look at its website or the Instagram page will let people know of the genius that Harnun is, where he keeps coming up with his new additions and enthrals all with his designs that shout elegance. 

On the other hand, The 47th Dynasty is about his visions around ancestral looks and greatness in designs combining that with the current cultural trends, which has brought him more glory in the fashion world. Thanks to his ancestral roots through the Nile Valley Civilizations, which has inspired him to come forward with these unique designs.

Today, apart from running his successful brands, Harnun is also an author who has penned The 47th Dynasty Kemetic Spiritual books collection, "Return back to self-love," being his latest offering.

This article was written in cooperation with Barry Kibwika