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Betbeard online casino allows self-excluded non gamstop players from the UK to play slots, bet on sports and even to play live casino games, making it the top choice for restricted gamblers.

In this post, I will be talking about the best casino not on gamstop, and how to have fun during your exclusion period. There are thousands of UK online casino players that are banned from playing casinos by Gamstop, because they have previously signed for the scheme. Many of them have chosen it because they didn’t know how harsh it is and are now regretting their choice. Other players that just needed temporary exclusion have later found out that they cannot practice their hobby permanently. How harsh is that? Gamstop cannot be cancelled early which makes it hard for people who changed their minds and want to play responsibly to do so.

There are many other topics that I will cover such as sports betting sites not on Gamstop, and in specifics how they differentiate from the regular UK bookies, and how to bet successfully in such online casinos? So, guys, let's start with what is Gamstop? I am sure many of you already know but for the rest, I shall give a short explanation. After all, before getting to the fun part of playing slots not on gamstop, we have to cover the serious aspects.

What is Gamstop?

Gamstop is the UK regulatory body safeguarding problem gamblers from playing online casinos. In other words, the scheme allows UK players, to self-exclude from a single platform to any UK licensed casinos, that works in the following way, say, you have a gambling problem, you can sign to Gamstop, and they will force all UK licensed online casinos to close your accounts for a predetermined period. The length of the self-exclusion period is a topic that I will cover later in the article. Now as you can see, I said licensed in the UK casinos, and I didn't specify anything about foreign non gamstop casinos, something that we will come back also a bit later. What else did I miss? Can you guess? Some of you probably know that Gamstop is only for online casinos, so there you go, the first hint for today is that you can play in land-based casinos if you have been self-excluded.

So let's get back to the basics, you now know what is Gamstop, so let me tell you how it works? Upon your self-exclusion, Gamstop is sending an official statement to all online casinos licensed under the UKGC that the specific individual is self-excluded and they have no right of accepting it on their websites.

How to Play Casino Not on Gamstop?

After explaining all about how Gamstop work, let's go to the main topic which is how to play casinos not on Gamstop. First let me ask you, why did you sign to Gamstop scheme? Probably because you have a problem gambling and you need some time to cool off. Before continue reading that article, I want you to make a conscious decision whether playing non gamstop slots is for you. If you can agree that you have changed your mind, you feel safe and want to have fun by playing on gamstop casinos, then you are welcome to continue reading our article. If not then please, use it only as educational material and bear in mind that casinos not on Gamstop are responsible as well and they allow players to self-exclude so if you ever feel you are losing control of your casino game just ask them to self-exclude you from their site. Without further waste of time let's delve into the deep ocean of non gamstop casinos, the first thing you need to know is that these casinos are licensed abroad so they have no access to your Gamstop status, therefore there is no way for them to ban you on the basis that you are on the Gamstop list.

Which is the Best Casino Not on Gamstop?

I hear you are asking me which is the best online casino not on Gamstop? And how to choose the right casino for you? That question poses a few different answers but I will try to simplify them as much as I can, first, there are quite a few good non gamstop casinos such as betbeard, where you can play slots, bet on sports events and even play live casino not on Gamstop. The main question you should ask yourself is why are you on Gamstop? and if you feel the answer is disturbing then better stop searching more casinos not on gamstop UK, as that might be detrimental for your future if you cannot control your gambling behaviour. Gambling is supposed to be fun and players that are out of control are causing self-harm not only for them but for the entire industry as a whole.

Is there any UK sites not on GamStop?

Yes, there are non gamstop casinos in the UK, such as betbeard and many more, in fact, crypto casinos don't require any form of verification and hence there is no way for the casino to know your Gamstop status. Best of all is that Gamstop is concerned only with casinos licensed under the UKGC and is not sending its list to casinos licensed abroad making it impossible for them to differentiate between players on Gamstop.

Are there any legit casinos not on GamStop?

Casinos not on Gamstop are legit as they are licensed by well-respected foreign jurisdictions; they pride themselves as much better than the UK online casinos because they serve international clients and have more experience in dealing with customer queries. Non Gamstop casinos are keeping their reputation high so they will always pay any winnings you get if you are lucky.

How do you get off GamStop?

Gamstop self-exclusion cannot be canceled early and you will have to wait until the end of the period to request cancellation. Bear in mind that even after your self-exclusion expires, you will remain restricted for all UK online casinos until you specifically contact Gamstop and ask them to cancel your self-exclusion. Once you call them they will wait for a further 24 hour period before informing online casinos that you can play in them. The extra period is added as a buffer where you can cool off and change your mind and subscribe again to their service.

Can I Cancel Gamstop?

There is no way to cancel Gamstop early; you will have to wait until the end of your self-exclusion. You can however play in non gamstop slots during your exclusion. That is easy just type in the google search box something like "non gamstop casino" and you will find suitable options to have fun at. So in conclusion, no you cannot cancel Gamstop before the exclusion expires, but you can play online casinos outside gamstop which is the ultimate goal. Finding foreign casinos might be hard so I suggest you stick with betbeard where you will receive great customer support, free spins upon every deposit and the ability to play with VPN and open even more slots.

So let's summarize what are your gambling options once you have self-excluded from Gamstop. First, you can visit and play in land-based casinos, as Gamstop is only for online casinos licensed by the UKGC. As a result, you can play slots freely in any high street establishment. Your second option is to stay well clear from gambling during your exclusion period, that option is good if you need some break from online casinos. If however you can control your gambling behaviour and want to play slots, then your best option is to play at non gamstop casinos such as betbeard, you can open thousands of casino games especially if you use VPN.

Can I reverse my Gamstop?

You have to call Gamstop and ask them to cancel the subscription, something that can be done only after its expiration. The duration depends on your choice when subscribing and is generally between six months to five years.

How do I remove myself from self-exclusion? Once the scheme expires you have to call Gamstop on their phone number which you can find on their website and explain to them that you want to cancel self-exclusion as you feel safe and can gamble responsibly. Although Gamstop is irreversible you can still play slots in land-based establishments, or in bitcoin casinos that do not require verification.

Slots Not on Gamstop

Playing slots not on Gamstop is a dream for many punters who are self-excluded and cannot play online casinos because of Gamstop. Happily even during the exclusion period players can enjoy their favourite non gamstop slots such as Netent, Microgaming and Belatra. How can you play slots not on gamstop? First, you choose an online casino that accepts people excluded by Gamstop, then you check what games they offer, here is the main hint I am giving you, ask the casino if they allow you to use VPN. If they say yes, and they will if you go to betbeard then you select a free VPN to open more slot games. With VPN you can play Netent not on gamstop and even Microgaming, my suggestion is to always use a Brazilian VPN as their gambling laws are more relaxed and all slots open from there. If you want to check for yourself what slots you can play just check on non gamstop casinos UK in google search results and you will find suitable casinos that accept Gamstop players.

Betting Sites Not on Gamstop  

Sports betting is accepted and loved throughout the UK but ever more people suffer from the effects of Gamstop regulations that prohibit them to bet on sporting events. If you have signed up to Gamstop by mistake or you regret your decision and want to find a suitable sports betting site, not on Gamstop, then I suggest you try betbeard, it offers competitive odds, a daily ACCA boost and great reload bonuses for sports bettors. What are you searching for in a sports betting site? Let me guess, high odds, many markets, high cash-out option, probably even early cash-out, & Livestream are all functionalities of betting sites not on gamstop. Non Gamstop betting sites are famous for their high-quality sportsbook products, so if you want to have back the thrill of betting on a Premier League game on Sunday while watching it on the sofa, then you are allowed to try.

List of Casinos Not on Gamstop

The list shows you some casinos that accept Gamstop players, and some that don't, and their welcome bonuses. The leader in the non gamstop casinos is betbeard, as it allows UK clients irrespective of their Gamstop self-exclusion status and offers them the possibility to play with VPN to open more slot games. The best slots not on gamstop can be opened only with a VPN from another jurisdiction like Brazil, where regulations are lighter and slots could be opened easily. There are a breath of casinos allowing customers that have been self-excluded by Gamstop, the biggest of which is the UK gaming halls, yes that's right, land-based casinos are outside Gamstop and you can play casino as much as you want no matter if you are self-excluded. Websites not on gamstop are also an option and the list underneath will help you choose a suitable one.

Why Play Non Gamstop Slots?

Non Gamstop slots are a preffered option for both excluded and non excluded players because there are thousands of games that cannot be opened from the UK due to geographical restrictions, therefore non gamstop casinos are allowing customers to open their websites with VPNs so they can access a wider library of casino games. There is no need to be self-excluded to want to play slots outside the Gamstop scheme and the UKGC regulative environment, as such games are regulated abroad and are provably fair.

Which are the Best Slots Not on Gamstop?

The best slots not on Gamstop are No Limit, Belatra and Mancala gaming, all other providers are geographically restricted from the UK. That means that you cannot open them unless the casino holds UKGC, but in that case, you will not be able to play them because you are self-excluded, it is a catch 22 situation with a single solution called VPN casinos. Betbeard and other non gamstop casinos allow customers to open Netent slots with a VPN from let's say Germany. If you choose to not play with VPN, you can open Amatic, Mancala, No Limit and Only Play slot games, which is enough to have a good casino fun.

Free Spins Not on Gamstop

When choosing a casino outside Gamstop scheme, always ask for its bonuses and free spins. The good non gamstop casinos will have free spins upon each deposit you make, so you can get more for your money and increase the chance of winning. These casinos will have some special offers for UK clients that have been self-excluded previously so don't be shy to ask for your gift. Occasionally casinos will pay out free bonus no gamstop for players, but that is rare and you are more likely to get spins as gifts.

This article was written in cooperation with Non Gamstop Corp