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Have you ever considered purchasing an equine massage gun? Have you heard of massage guns for horses before? We’re here to tell you about equine percussion massagers, despite your answers to these questions.

Equine Massage Gun For Horses

You may have heard about how the popularity of massage guns has been growing lately, and you know how hyped people are about them.

Turns out these wonderful gadgets can also be used on horses. One strange thing is that this isn’t a new phenomenon at all; it’s been going on for several years (at least based on how far we got our research).

Massage guns function in the same way on horses as they do on people. They’re utilized for myofascial release, warming up the large muscle groups before training, and soothing them after exercise.

Is the term “equine massage gun” a new one?

Is it possible to share an equine massage tool with your horse? Let’s have a look at these questions.

What’s an equine massage gun?

A massage gun and a horse massage gun are essentially the same. They’re simply called “equine massagers” when used on horses only and function similarly to ordinary massage guns.

What Can a Massage Gun Do for Your Horse?

Massage guns have been in use for a long time. When did equine therapists realize that massage guns might assist horses? The short answer is as soon as massage guns were accessible (perhaps). Massage therapy on horses has been around for quite some time. The question would be when did equine therapists figure out that percussion full body massage guns might be beneficial?

It turns out that massage gun therapy (particularly percussive treatment) may help your horse stay healthy and fit.

  1. To loosen and relax the fascia, this type of massage uses percussion. Percussive massage can help to warm up muscles before activity (training, racing, etc) by loosening and relaxing them.
  2. To remove muscular knots, a muscle strain or sprain might need professional treatment. Muscle knots are typical in horses who participate in physical exercise, and if left untreated, they may cause discomfort. This type of therapy is a sure method to get rid of muscular knots — just seek the help of a specialist physiotherapist to identify them on your horse.
  3. Myofascial release is used to loosen muscular contraction and joint movement in horses who are experiencing muscle tension from a lack of activity, injury, or sickness. Tight muscles may restrict the horse’s performance by tightening the blood flow around the horse’s muscles. The constricted fascia is relieved using an equine percussion massage gun, allowing the horse’s performance to be enhanced with the help of equine deep tissue massage therapy.
  4. Fluid accumulation in muscle tissues is eliminated via lymphatic drainage. Horses are susceptible to edema (fluid build-up) owing to injury or casual inactivity. A good equine therapist can utilize a massage gun to drain the extra liquid back into the lymphatic system, allowing it to be removed.

As you can see, equine massagers may be quite beneficial in relieving tight muscular pain with percussive therapy.

You could have also realized that you’ll most likely need an equine therapist at first to assist you with the initial learning curve of understanding how deep tissue massage is applied to muscle tissue. You may give your horse a massage yourself after some time with your equine massage gun.

There are several advantages to utilizing equine massage guns on a horse. Here are the most important ones:

  • Improved performance, muscle recovery, and injury prevention. Percussion is also known to be beneficial in massage and therapeutic treatment by relaxing tight muscles, increasing range of motion, and strengthening weak ones. It also aids in the maintenance of the horse’s body calm and relaxed while speeding up muscle recovery between sessions. Percussion therapy improves muscular tension, blood circulation, and tissue healing as a result of increased circulation.
  • Injury and disease rehabilitation. Horses can benefit from massage therapy in the same way that humans do. Massage guns help to supplement the common rehabilitation procedure and speed up the healing of atrophied muscles.
  • Pain relief and fast recovery. Vibrational massage guns (most are vibrational) have a vibrational effect that improves blood flow and oxygen supply. This increased circulation aids in the reduction of pain and sped up the recovery process.
  • Lactic acid releasing. Lactic acid is the end result of a horse’s intense exercise. Massage gun therapy aids in the breaking down of excessive lactic acid and the alleviation of muscle pain.
  • Improves blood and lymphatic flow. A massage gun may be used to enhance blood flow by vibrating and stroking the limbs. Lymphatic drainage aids in the removal of pollutants from the horse’s body.The nervous system’s performance is improved. The massage gun activates the horse’s nervous system. This relaxes the horse and increases its mobility.
  • Relieves muscular spasms and rigidity. Muscle spasms can be painful and unpleasant for your horse. They happen as a result of intense exercise. Massage gun therapy relaxes the ligaments and reduces pain by applying pressure to them.

There are several advantages of a massage gun for your horse, including its general health. A happy horse is a happy owner, and there appears to be no better method of ensuring this than by using a massage gun.

Best Massage Guns For Horses

When looking for a massage gun for your horse, it is important to consider features such as power, noise level, and battery life. Another important factor to consider is affordability.

Theragun is a fantastic massage tool, but it’s rather costly ($600). It’s more geared toward professional users like bodybuilders.

TimTam is a strong massager, but it’s TOO LOUD to use on a horse; it could scare the horse away, so we don’t recommend it as an equine massage gun pick. An equine massager should be as quiet as possible.

Pulse Atlas is a wonderful massager. It fulfills all of the requirements we discussed above, it is silent, powerful, and affordable. It’s an excellent equine massage gun pick with its outstanding quality and reasonable price, it’s no wonder this product is so popular. We hope you found this helpful and informative!

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