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 Woman doing exercise at home

Half an hour of this type of exercise every week can extend your life

Weekly muscle-strengthening activity enhances flexibility and mobility and is associated with lower risk of mortality, new study finds

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COVID-19: After the worst of the pandemic, it’s time to get fit

Has everyone around you gained weight over the last two years? This might be why.

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Great abs, but killer music: Can a gym workout destroy your hearing?

Anyone who has ever walked into a gym or training studio knows that loud music is part of the business, and can help us move, but it can be very harmful over time. Here are all the details.

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RUNNERS TAKE PART in the Jerusalem 10th Annual Marathon, October 29, 2021

How to run away from COVID-19 this marathon season

Planning on running in the upcoming marathons? Here is everything you need to know, if you've had COVID-19, about running safely.

  Buffet of food

Want to live a longer life? Here's what to eat

Studies in recent years have shown what a healthy diet looks like and how it can help us live longer.

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Russian defense minister arrives in Syria for naval exercises

The Russian exercises come less than a week after Russia called for Israel to refrain from conducting strikes in Syria.

Gym illustrative

Working out after getting COVID-19 vaccine increases antibodies - study

The results were that exercising "consistently increased serum antibody to each vaccine four weeks post-immunization."


Here’s why people are having bad sex

This factor affects the quality of your sex life and it can be easily improved.

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Elderly hand (illustrative)

Feeling older than your age? This is how it affects you

Our chronological age is just one of three scientifically-recognized ways in which we age. How we feel about our age can have a greater effect than one may presume.

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How do you get the best results from a workout?

This surprising method may lead to greater success when exercising

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