Best Pallet Furniture Ideas

 (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
If you are not a fan of custom-made furniture but prefer crafting and designing your home to your tastes and desires, then you should try using pallets.
Recently, there has been an increasing prevalence in the repurposing and upcycling of pallets for household furniture across the world.
Using pallet for furniture are easy and fun DIY projects that offer house owners a wide variety of options.
With pallet you have no limits; you can craft and customize numerous indoor and outdoor furniture that stands out; from chairs to tables, desks, beds, wall decorations, storage units to patio, or garden furniture.
What exactly are pallets?
Pallets are horizontal platforms used in assembling, storing, handling, transporting, and protecting products. Plastic, wood, metal, and paper are well-known pallet materials. Although, the most used pallet is wood, because of its weight, durability, stiffness, and affordability. Industrial and rustic oak wood is used or recycled to craft absolutely amazing furniture.
The essentials for making pallet furniture are a kit of tools and your imaginative and creative mind. However, some DIY projects require a higher level of technical expertise.
Here are 7 of the best pallet furniture ideas for outdoor and indoor decorations.
Chairs, Tables, and Desks
Pallets of wood can be used to make chairs, tables, and desks of varying sizes, shapes, uses, and designs for your interior. A good example is the stowaway pallet dining table. It is sturdy, stylish, inexpensive, durable, and a perfect addition to your kitchen.
When using pallet wood for your indoor furniture, ensure that they are chemically treated. Additionally, wax, oil, or desk seal your pallet before use, to protect from weather damage and add to its longevity.
For a unique table, you can use stained or multi-colored pallets. Whereas wax, paint glaze or stain suffice for a beautiful looking deck.
Bed and Couch
DIY enthusiasts can create numerous unique and interesting designs of beds and couch using wood and plastic pallet.
Among the long list of options is the elegant, Japanese-inspired low bed frames. This design is perfectly stable and could be tweaked to include flame-less candles in-between layers of pallet wood.
To create better stability, you can add stainless steel to the base of your furniture and foam cushions for comfort.
Storage units
A pallet allows for top-notch creative and imaginative furniture ideas such as exotic storage areas. These storage units include shelves, racks, and cabinets. They are super easy to craft and a cheap way to reduce congestion and loss of items. To create, secure your pallet along your wall, place shelves in them, and paint as desired. Then you have an inspiring unit to store your flowers, shoes, and books.
Ornamental Accessories
Pallet furniture projects are also great for achieving unique and functional decorative items. By following easy steps, you can create wall clocks, honeycomb mirrors, chandeliers and other architectural statements using pallets.
Multi-functional Patio Tables
Versatility and functionality are the key benefits of using pallets in creating household furniture.
In light of this, pallets can be adopted into multi-functional tables suitable for your patio. These tables do not only provide the option of a surface to place your items, but also a storage unit for your books, mugs, magazines, and other items.
Swinging Chairs
Swing your stress and worries away with pallet swing chairs perfect for your open-aired patio or garden.
All you need are strings of ropes, pallet wood, cushions for comfort, and a support system that can manage your weight—a perfect setting to unwind, relax and enjoy a glass of your favorite drink. Amazingly, pallets can also be used for outdoor swinging beds.
Outdoor Bars
Pallet bars are exciting ways to transform pallets into useful outdoor furniture. You can create a garden bar with pallet chairs and tables or a compact and elegant wine bar.
Your options also include an outdoor bar set for your backyard. Add paint to your pallet bar structures to introduce interesting colors that catch the eye of every guest.
Pallet furniture ideas offer individuals the liberty to create household accessories that meet their tastes and desires. They can also be adapted to blend with various interior and exterior décors including classic, contemporary or medieval styles. All that is required is a vibrant imagination.