Beth Juliana: retirement with a difference

  (photo credit: SHUTTERSTOCK)
(photo credit: SHUTTERSTOCK)

    Beth Juliana is a very special assisted living establishment. Founded in 1979 by a group of Dutch Israelis who wanted to create a retirement home for the local Dutch community. Holland has always been famous the world over for the quality of its retirement establishments. The founders wanted a retirement complex akin to the high standards pertaining to such establishments in Holland.

    At those times there were no “sheltered housing” establishments in Israel, the only option were old age homes which was not what the founders of Beth Juliana had in mind. The result was Beth Juliana a non-profit high quality retirement complex with the high standards of similar establishments in Holland, and named it in honor of the then Dutch monarch Juliana.

    Credit: Beth Juliana
    Credit: Beth Juliana

    It is one of the leading sheltered housing facilities in this country, with a high level of service, some of which are not offered by similar local establishments.

    Residents can get 24/7 excellent medical assistance, with an emphasis on geriatric care both physical and psychological.

    In addition to excellent and caring service the complex offers a warm intimate atmosphere, a win-win solution for seniors.

    The facility itself is not overlarge with 120 residential units of from 1.5 to three rooms. It also has accommodation for an additional 60 beds to accommodate 60 residents in the two assisted living wards. Its location is excellent located in the city of Herzliya, in a quite leafy neighborhood of single-family homes with private gardens and with easy public transport links to other parts of the city, and from there to the national road and rail grid.

    Credit: Shutterstock
    Credit: Shutterstock

    The management pride themselves on its diversity, and the high cultural level they offer residents.

    When founded most residents were Dutch, not any more, now its residents are of a much more diverse background, people from all backgrounds and places of birth. It is a multi-lingual home with Dutch, Hebrew and English widely spoken with a large library of over seven thousand volumes in those three languages. The management also organizes cultural events for the benefit of the residents. The diversity in the makeup of its residents also includes those who want to maintain a Jewish religious way of life.

    There is an active synagogue in which services are conducted on a regular basis, while the management organize lectures on Judaism.

    Residents that live an independent life may prepare their meals independently, but for those who may want to have their meals prepared for them in facilities kitchen and served in its dining room, all food is strictly kosher. Incidentally Beth Juliana prepares three excellent meals a day plus two light meals, one in the late morning and the other at teatime. 

    The quality of Beth Juliana is well known. During the past 20 years the Council for Israel Yafa (beautiful Israel) has awarded Beth Juliana three times a five star rating. It was also awarded the “Degel Hayofi” prize , a prestigious award, awarded to only one retirement establishment a year.

    So, if you are looking for a place to retire which is out of the ordinary has varied cosmopolitan environment, a very cultured atmosphere in an open social community in which will be able to maintain on religious principles, give a thought to Beth Juliana ; you will not be disappointed.   

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    This article was written in cooperation with Beth Juliana