Bismarck Ebiweh; “My passion for helping people led me to become a success coach”

Bismarck Ebiweh, better known as Fitxfearless on social media, has empowered several men to become the best version of themselves

 (photo credit: BISMARCK EBIWEH)
(photo credit: BISMARCK EBIWEH)
Bismarck Ebiweh, better known as Fitxfearless on social media, has empowered several men to become the best version of themselves. An athlete, author, and self-improvement coach, Ebiweh’s focus is to transform men to gain self-confidence to lead a highly successful life.
Catering to the millennial men, Ebiweh's popularity has soared on YouTube due to his unique, engaging, and creative content related to women and modern-day dating. With more than 50,000 subscribers and over 5.6 million views, he has established a strong connection with his viewers who have hugely benefited from his coaching tips. Perceived as a game-changer, the comments on his videos and constant surge in subscribers are a testament to his success.
Speaking of his passion for helping people reach their true potential, Ebiweh states, “Modern-day dating has become overwhelming for men. The rules of dating have changed significantly since the advent of dating apps and the wide availability of choices. I help men improve their overall personality in order to enhance their dating experience. My guidance has also led them to apply the tips in other aspects of their lives, leading to significantly remarkable results.”
The resounding success of his YouTube channel led him to compile his dating tips and strategies and publish them. His book, ‘Cracking the Dating Code: A Solution for the Frustrated Man’, available on Amazon, has met with astoundingly positive reviews. The book explores various topics in the area of physical health, mental diet, and communication skills with the aim to increase a man's self-confidence and chances of dating the women he desires.
With a clear understanding of women's behavior towards dating, Ebiweh dives deep into the core of the subject and offers expert insight and tactics on how to attract and approach women and navigate the dating world. He also doles out tips on how to achieve optimum physical fitness, build inner confidence through a positive mental diet, and alter fashion style to suit oneself. The book also explains the power of fine-tuning communication skills to charm women while maintaining self-respect and dignity. According to Ebiweh, "The book will resonate with men from all walks of life. The implementation of the strategies will not only lead to accomplishing a fulfilling dating life but also help in improving professional and personal relationships."