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Elon Musk calls Jewish US Army officer ‘puppet & puppeteer’

Musk's tweet – deliberately or not – evoked an antisemitic trope that Jews control positions of power.

Israel in trouble as Twitter’s safety division is gutted - analysis

Battle lines have started to be drawn between liberals, who tend to be demoralized or disgusted with Musk, and conservatives, who tend to be thrilled or calmed by his takeover.

New social networking app connects Jewish women

Momentum has also launched a complementary website that enables Jewish women to tell their stories in different languages and from different countries.

After this LinkedIn experiment, it won't be the same

Last month it was announced that LinkedIn had conducted an unprecedented five-year social experiment on 20 million users that changed the rules of the game.

By Avi Tzdaka

Elon Musk under federal investigation tied to Twitter deal

The US Securities and Exchange Commission has questioned Musk's comments about the Twitter acquisition.


Seven shifts in our quest to make progress useful

2022 brings pivots on where we work, how we live, when we travel and what we think.


Israeli minister's social network regulation committee underway

The committee, headed by Communication Ministry director-general Liran Avishar Ben-Horin, was given 90 days to submit its interim conclusions to Communications Minister Hendel.

Watching TikTok videos might cause you to develop tics - here’s why

Since coronavirus broke out in 2020, there has been an increase in a very strange phenomenon: young people developing "tics" not related to Tourette's syndrome or any other neurological disorder.

By Walla!

The Future of Network Security: Identity, Segmentation & Securing the Edge

What it takes to properly secure corporate networks in the world of remote work, BYOD & IoT

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