Body talk

 Dr. Lehavit Akerman (photo credit: ALON SHAFRANSKI)
Dr. Lehavit Akerman
(photo credit: ALON SHAFRANSKI)

Dr. Lehavit Akerman manages the Rothschild Dermatology Department of Clalit Health Services and is a senior physician. She is the medical adviser of several laser companies and a kol-key options leader for Galderma.

Akerman is the owner of private esthetics and laser clinics in Herzliya, Neve Savyon, and Rishon Lezion, where she specializes in a wide range of innovative anti-aging treatments in the field of dermatology and esthetics. These include rejuvenating facial skin and preventing skin aging; facial shaping and firming; Botox treatments; wrinkle fillers; medical peelings on various levels; mesotherapy with innovative methods; and removal of moles and lesions. There are also advanced laser treatments for a variety of problems such as sun and age spots; pigmentation; acne scars; surgical scars; wrinkles; stretch marks; and skin firming. All treatments are performed by Akerman herself to ensure accurate results to the satisfaction of the patients. Last year,  she was selected to be the scientific adviser to the Vichy, La Roche-Posay and CeraVe brands. 

What is new in the field of esthetics?

We used to treat mainly the face, but today we’re paying more attention to body treatments. These include the neck, the back of the hands, and body shaping. Today, with advanced technologies, it is possible to sculpt, shape, firm up, and lift with less invasive methods and results that last longer. 

The key to success in body treatment is the right customization: the patient's customization to the treatment, the customization of a patient-specific treatment plan, and the right combination of technologies.

What are the latest innovations?

To do whatever is possible to rejuvenate your face and your body without surgery, emphasizing energy-based devices for optimal, natural results. 

Mainly a combination of radio wave technology and needles (Morpheus), by inmode. It is a groundbreaking Israeli technology that combines radio wave and needle treatment. This is one of my favorite treatments for the neck area. But today, there is a special tip for the body for excess skin, stretch marks, and cellulite. Another notable technology is focused ultrasound, led by the FDA-approved ultherapy techniques. And there is the Scizer, which also works with the ultrasound method. 

There is a new treatment for slimming called Primex. It renders much better results in a much shorter time, with fewer treatments. The newest innovation is to choose the right combination of everything and adapt it to the patient in order to obtain a good result.

What are the popular treatments in the field of body care?

Some of them are narrowing of the abdomen and waist; treatment of loose skin in the abdomen and thighs; and cellulite reduction. The thighs usually require a series of treatments. Depending on the problem, it might require three to six treatments. It depends on whether it is fat freezing, slimming, or cellulite. Today, a much better result is obtained in a shorter time and is maintained for a longer duration.

How do you combine career and family?

That is the million-dollar question. There are no shortcuts, no discounts, and no free meals. Those who want to succeed must be willing to pay a price -- work hard, be organized, focused, understand that there are things that you will miss. For example, I did not have time to play sports or time for friendships. 

You have to work hard, with every minute of the day and night being utilized to the maximum. With a lot of determination, organization, help from your partner and help with money, that is the only way to do it. And yes, there is a price and a heavy conscience that one has to learn to live with. 

The bottom line is that this is a very hard job. I really like what I do, and it's important for me to be up to date all the time, to teach at conferences and, on the other hand, to be at every party or extracurricular class or rank promotion ceremony of my four children.  If you love what you do and give it your all at home, in the end you will be successful and satisfied. 

Another secret is proper business management and selecting good employees. I work with the same team of women who have been with me from the beginning. When a new employee comes aboard, once you invest in a professional and valued team and give them a sense of belonging, you see dividends. We are a team. Even though I am at the front, there is a whole team with me, not behind me.

What message do you want to convey?

We are capable of everything, but there is a price. Don’t be afraid to pay it. Get rid of the guilty conscience. And also, don’t look to the sides. Go with your truth with your face forward, and it will work out.

This article was written in cooperation with Dr. Lehavit Akerman