Personal Branding Expert Talks About Dominating Your Industry and Creating Online Influence

 (photo credit: CHRIS DIAZ)
(photo credit: CHRIS DIAZ)

In the internet age, a Personal brand needs to exist like a living organism online, forever evolving and reproducing the fruits of its labor. Chris Diaz, the founder of the Chris Diaz Agency, understands what it takes to make a Personal Brand unmissable online; his agency helps CEO’s, Executives, Consultants, and Experts create high-level online marketing strategies. Here Diaz talks us through how to dominate your industry and expand your online influence.

 “A well established Personal Brand can have the same effect and impact to your audience as a Rolls Royce or Richard Mille would have to a person in the streets. When you come from a position of power and authority, your ability to influence others becomes much easier, and people respond to your differently. Building the relationship, making the connection, and engaging in business transactions is a much smoother process. Your Personal Brand is a reflection of you, so when you demonstrate your knowledge and expertise, you are immediately perceived as “Higher Value” to your audience/prospects.”  Explains Diaz. 

Properly branding yourself and providing value to your audience is going to magnetically draw forth new opportunities, conversations, and followers.

Diaz's first tip for expanding your influence online is to create mindshare around your brand. Mindshare refers to your brand being aligned with your product or service; when your brand has entered the consciousness of many consumers worldwide, you have achieved mindshare. For example, when people think about real estate investing, they think about Grant Cardone or when people think about life coaching they think about Tony Robbins. Diaz advises that you can encourage your brand's mindshare by making sure that all advertising of your brand is clear about who your product or service is intended for. Shareable videos and value driven content are essential in achieving mindshare! 

Another simple tip that Diaz offers to increase your online reach is to make sure that you are consistent with your offer and messaging. Using the right messaging in all of your brand's online communication with your audience will resonate with your ideal client avatar. Put simply, this means that you should have one clearly defined message that acts as your offer on every social media site that your brand communicates through, such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. A captivating and magnetic offer of your product or service works perfectly for this. 


The final tip that Diaz gives for those trying to expand their online presence is to remember to always aim to dominate, not compete. You need to have the mindset that you are releasing online content to achieve domination over your niche; you should not be creating content to one-up the competition. Trying to compete with your competition online means that you are behaving in a reactionary way. Diaz warns that getting competitive online can quickly result in your brand, developing a reputation for pettiness. Diaz recommends dominating your niche market by always keeping them, rather than your competitors in mind. Diaz says, "There are millions of people across the globe, and competition is a whole other subject with you have established your authority online."