Buying a new home? Not checking for defects can lead to unpleasant — and costly — surprises

 (photo credit: SHMOEL GELBERMAN)
(photo credit: SHMOEL GELBERMAN)
If you are in the midst of buying a home and considering getting a home inspection done, Shmuel Gelberman, CEO of SAGA Construction Supervision, can share with you why a home inspection is an absolute must in this day and age.
In today’s Israeli real estate market, some buyers decide to skip the home inspection to save some money, make their buying offer stand out, or speed up the process. This is why you should never take this risk: Finding major, expensive, and unexpected problems when you just moved in is not worth it.
If you want to lower your chances of getting ripped off when buying a new home, a home inspection, or “Bedek-Bait” in Hebrew, is key to your peace of mind. Here’s why:
Choosing not to have a home inspection done before purchasing means counting on the contractor, or the previous homeowner, to tell you all about possible defects. Trusting someone who wants to sell to be completely honest with you is a gamble. Some would tell you, and some might not. Some sellers are not even aware of major problems in their property.
A professional inspection of a new property before buying is a necessity in today’s hit or miss quality of construction. Dozens of different specialists are involved in the development of each apartment, some of them devoted professionals who follow the plans to the letter, while some are not. There is always a risk of finding defects in a seemingly perfect apartment.
So, who can you trust with your home inspection?
The company’s CEO is a seasoned Practical Civil Engineer of over 30 years of experience with all types of construction defects. His professional teams have many years of knowledge and experience behind them and never leave a stone unturned, checking every corner of every home.
What acute problem are the teams looking for?
First of all, moisture and water problems could be a severe issue. Undetected water leaks can make your apartment a safety hazard, forcing you to move out. Leaks will cause flooding in the house, moisture in the ceiling and walls, and an accumulation of mold. A thermal camera operated by our specialists can detect those leaks in advance.
Our electricians check the connections throughout the apartment. They are the ones who confirm if the electrical work was done correctly and according to code or if there are faults that could cause a short- circuit, flare-ups, and even electric shocks. Electricity defects are a danger that must be addressed immediately and without delay, for everyone’s safety.
The flooring in the whole house and the bathrooms should be leveled. If the flooring contractor was not diligent, height differences around a home could increase the chance of falls and fractures. If the flooring contractor has not ensured a proper slope in the shower, water will remain in place and not drain into the sewer. We have the right equipment to detect these subtle defects.
A professional home inspector will detect those things for you: construction defects, visible ones, and those that are hidden to the naked eye. Only someone with years of professional experience can discover those defects and save you from making a serious mistake. Our professionals are using dedicated tests and exclusive high-end equipment for just that purpose.
All in all, no matter how impressed you are by an apartment or a contractor, you should never take the risk of purchasing a home without a home inspection. In our line of work, we hear those stories every day, and defects in some apartments can reach tens of thousands of shekels.