CES Welcomes Adult Toys for 2020 Event

The Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, is a hugely popular tech and electronic trade event that takes places in January each year in Las Vegas.

 (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
The Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, is a hugely popular tech and electronic trade event that takes places in January each year in Las Vegas. Every year, many people descend on Las Vegas to attend the show either as an attendee or to exhibit their goods. Some of the world’s biggest names in technology and electronics exhibit their up and coming products at the show, so there is always lots to see and look forward to.


In a change from their previous rules, CES organizers made a change after last year’s event by welcoming adult toys as part of their exhibit areas. More and more people have taken an interest in adult toys over recent years, largely because of the excellent choice of products and the ability to purchase the items with ease and discretion online. There is also less of a stigma attached to sex toys these days, which may have influenced the decision of CES organizers for the 2020 CES show.


Great News for Adult Toy Manufacturers and Designers

As with all types of products, there have been many developments in the adult toy industry over recent years/ This includes a wider choice of adult products, enhanced design and effectiveness, improved hygiene, and more. For those who are involved in the manufacture or development of these products, the ability to exhibit the items at such as prolific trade event spells very good news. It is also great for raising awareness about adult products that fit in to the tech and electrical arena.


According to reports, there has been an outcry over the exclusion of adult products in past CES trade shows, and the decision was made to make the event more inclusive by welcoming products from a variety of different areas including the adult toy industry. There are many adult toys that now fit into the tech arena, as continued tech advancements over recent years have extended the possibilities when it comes to adult toy design.


This year marks the first time in the 52 year history of the trade show where adult toys will be allowed, with a specialist exhibition area at the event. Some of the products that are being exhibited from the adult toy industry include a high-tech bed designed for sex as well as products such as smart vibrators and other connected adult toys. The ability to raise awareness of new adult products will come as a real boon for professionals within the industry, particularly at such as well-attended event like CES.


One of the reasons CES organizers wanted to make the event more inclusive and add an adult toy category was because of some drama that unfolded following the event in 2019. At this time, adult toys were still not part of the exhibition possibilities at CES, and this caused complaints from some professionals within the industry. Because of this, the organizers of the event decided that it was time to take action and welcome adult products and professionals to the event for 2020.


Despite its decision to include adult products at the event, CES has outlined some rules for products within the category. For instance, it has decided not to allow some adult toys that have realistic sexual anatomical parts, deciding instead to only allow products that are non-descript rather than detailed. This has angered some adult toy professionals who found that they could not exhibit their products at the event without being made to make changes to the design beforehand.


Another thing to bear in mind is that while CES has made changes to allow more types of products such as adult toys at the event, there are still strict rules in place with regard to some other types of products. This includes tech and electrical devices relating to the tobacco and cannabis industries. However, some believe that professionals within these industries may be able to find a way to get around these rules in years to come, and there may even be further changes made to CES policies with regard to what is and is not allowed at the event.


So, while the 2020 event is now underway, it is well worth keeping your eyes peeled for new changes that could make the 2021 event even more exciting.