Common causes of babies crying and what to do

  (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

Babies all like crying and in varying degrees. Normally, that humans will produce tears in response to emotions. Babies don’t cry for no reason. There must be some reasons for their crying. About the reasons, the general has the following causes. 

1. uncomfortable diapers

Diapers are things that a baby must wear every day. Sometimes, it may cause many inconveniences during wearing. Parents may not change the dirty diaper in time. Sometimes, people is too busy to forget to do things. So do parents. Wearing a dirty diaper for a long time is not good for a baby. They will feel uncomfortable. And compared to adults, babies’ skins are more delicate, sensitive. It is easier to cause skin irritation or butt rash. 

How to avoid such things? Parents need to do the following points. The most basic is to get healthy diapers without chemicals. They also need to check if their babies’ diapers are dirty or wet regularly. Once the diaper needs to be changed, parents need to change it in time. What’s more, not only a dirty diaper will cause uncomfortable. If the clothes and diapers are excessively tight, babies also will feel uncomfortable. Parents should do two things. One is to choose clothes that have a loose crotch, the other is not to wear the diaper too tight. 

Below will recommend some baby clothes that are suitable for wearing. These two sleeping bags both have a three-dimensional bottom of the crotch. And it can give more space for a baby to get more comforts while wearing a diaper.

  1. 1 short sleep sack with sleeves and split-legs

This is a classic short-sleeve sleeping bag with a simple design. When a mother doesn’t know what types of sleeping bags are good for their babies. Buying a classic type never goes wrong. The split-leg design also can help little babies to kick legs, crawl, help toddlers to stand and walk. 

  1. 2 thicken long sleeves split-leg transitional swaddle sack 2.5 tog

This sleeping bag is similar to the above one. But it has long sleeves, and it has a higher degree of TOG. The higher the TOG is, the more warmth a baby can get. So it is a good winter sleeping bag that can help babies to have better warm-keeping. There is a very professional sleeping sack, the kaiya angel sleeping sack, which meets the above-mentioned characteristics.

2. when babies’ parents ignore them

Most parents think that their babies are too little to understand some things. Actually, babies are always keeping listening to their parents, and observing them. Ane they do not like to be ignored. They want their parents can play with them, care for them all the time. Once they find they are ignored, they will feel unhappy and cry. At this time, parents can give the baby a toy, or give her a talk, sing her a song, hug her gently. 

3. too hot or too cold  

Babies can not wear clothes by themselves when they are little, so they can not choose the clothes they wear. Parents can use fingers to caress the back of their babies’ necks to check if their babies are hot or cold. Too hot or too cold both will make them have a cold. Parents need to change clothes for babies depending on different situations. Normally, the higher TOG is, the warmer the sleeping bag is. On hot summer days, mothers can choose light, breathable clothes for their babies. On cold winter days, mothers need to choose thicker, warm, cozy clothes for babies. 

4. feel tired and sleepy

Same as adults, after playing and exercising, babies will feel tired and sleepy. Overtired baby is easily to cry. They need parents to get them to go back to sleep. They need enough rest and sleep to have better growth and development. 

5. feel hungry

Little babies can not eat by themselves when they are hungry. They only can give their parents a sign through crying. A feed will usually provide instant gratification to a crying baby. Parents need to feed the baby slowly and gently. Sometimes, baby crying while eating.

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