Israel Police find baby locked in cage during drug bust

A large amount of the illegal drug crystal meth was also found near where the baby was locked up. The mother said she "had no choice."


Baby born with fully developed teeth shocks mother, doctors

This happens in between about 1 in 800 to 1 in 6000 births - and the mother was as shocked as anybody.


Happy New Year and Mazal Tov! First Israeli babies of 2023 say hello

178,000 new babies were born last year, with Israel's population growing to 9.7 million people.

Daughter of MLB Hall of Famer abandons baby in frozen forest

Police responded to a report of a woman who had given birth to a baby in the winter-frozen woods of Manchester, New Hampshire.

By Sam Halpern

Karen, Donald set to go extinct as baby names in the UK in 2023

Be on the lookout for some interesting baby names, though you might be hard pressed to find any Karens or Donalds in the UK.

Israeli court stops genetic testing to find mother of embryo-swap baby

The district court ruled that it is necessary to appoint a legal guardian who will recommend what is in the baby's best interest and determine whether to continue the genetic tests or not.


Woman who didn't know she was pregnant gives birth mid-flight

A young woman was having bad stomach pains, causing her to go to the restroom on the flight, where she quickly found herself holding her newborn baby.

  MEDICAL STAFF operating intensive care equipment (illustration)

Chabad woman fighting for her life after trying to save her drowning baby

Henya Federman and her family were out by the docks on the US Virgin Islands when their 4-month-old baby fell out of her arms and into the water.


30-year-old babies: Twins born after breaking record of longest-frozen embryos

Lydia and Timothy Ridgway, twins born on October 31, 2022, hold the record for the longest-frozen embryos ever born alive, according to the National Embryo Donation Center.

By Walla!

Singing lullabies helps babies' social development - study

During testing, the researchers used eye-tracking technology to measure every movement of each infant’s eyes while they watched videos of people engaging them with song. 

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