Coronavirus mutation: relocating under the constant fear of COVID

  (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

The roller coaster ride of the Coronavirus threat is not over yet. Just as we started assuming that this would be the start of the post-pandemic recovery phase, the new variant of the virus in South Africa has knocked us up. For those planning to move, this is another challenging situation, considering the stress and moving process they are already going through. Reliable out of state moving companies are following the COVID protocol strictly and ensuring the complete safety of the clients as well as themselves. However, there are enough concerns about safety during the relocation process and it is critical to get your head cleared before you choose to finally relocate. 

Here are some answers to the most commonly pondered questions about relocating under the constant fear of COVID.

Is it is safe to hire movers?

Relocation services fall under essential services in several states in the United States and businesses here are concerned about the safety of their consumers as well as their profit-making abilities. Responsible businesses in the country have already altered their policies and procedures to ensure the best experience for one and all. 

However, each company is different and it is best to connect with the company of your choice individually and clear your doubts about the coronavirus protocol they follow. Each business is different and thus the protocols must be designed in a custom manner. Some critical aspects of the protocol should be wearing masks, following social distancing, screening and monitoring the employees’ health, and communicating the same to the clients. 

You need to be very particular about the movers following the protocols. Moving companies associated with Moving Feedback, a credible movers rating and reviewing platform are very strict when it comes to COVID precautions. You can get multiple moving quotes through the platform and choose the best and safest movers for your moving needs. 

How can you keep yourself safe when on the road?

You are responsible for your own safety, especially when the virus is mutating and taking new shapes every day. Wearing masks, gloves, using sanitizers, washing your hands, and avoiding touching the face are some of the core guidelines that WHO recommends following to keep yourself safe. 

You must also be concerned about the surfaces things can get around you and use certified surface sanitizers and disinfectants. Avoid touching surfaces as much as you can and sanitize high traffic and touch areas with a CDC-approved sanitizing agent.

What is the safest way to find a new place to live?

Even during normal times, finding a house to buy or rent can be very daunting. You need to invest a lot of time, money, and effort in the process. Considering the new normal conditions, i.e. post-pandemic scenario where virus mutations are being reported every other day, things can get even more complicated. Moreover, visiting properties in person is not a commonly available option, neither it is safe to choose. So, consider the stress doubled. 

What to do? 

You need to plan and execute cautiously. Following a moving checklist is essential for the entire moving process and similarly, a house hunt checklist will prove as a great help. Starting from the must-haves of your home as per your need is a good way. Connect with your family, friends, and colleagues to get to know about recommended neighborhoods. Once you have a list of preferences, you can use your digital skills to scorch the internet and further look into the intricacies. 

 Google Street View is an excellent tool that you can rely on. It gives you a close virtual tour of the neighborhood. You can also read reviews and ratings on different forums where people living in particular areas share their views on the places and living environment. 

Coronavirus has very well explained the value of using digital tools for everything including house hunts. A virtual tour of the property is crucial to ensure that you have a clear understanding of the place you are about to choose for living. 

Should I stop during the relocation journey and what to eat?

Well, this is a complicated one and we all have our needs during the travel. Especially if you are moving to a faraway land, you need to take breaks to make it comfortable. The experts suggest staying close to your vehicle and not wandering around. Whether you want to stop ad eat or just stretch your legs during the tiring journey, make sure you have arranged for the same. 

Carry food with you and stop at a place where you can get washrooms and other facilities close by. Even when you use common facilities, carry sanitizer with you and avoid touching anything or surface unnecessarily. 

Sanitize your hands as well as your purse and credit card after every use. Your safety is in your hands. 

What about when moving with children?

This can be tough as your children won’t understand the complexity of the situation like adults. You need to ensure that you make them understand the COVID protocol and how exposure can make it dangerous for them. Make all the arrangements for an engaging and comfortable journey for the kids. Counsel them and ensure that the kids are mentally, physically, and emotionally settled for the relocation. 

Stay updated!

The coronavirus is changing forms rapidly and has left the best of the medical experts and researchers overwhelmed. It is crucial to follow the latest news updates about the mutation and have as much understanding as possible. With information on the current COVID situation, you can rest assured that you are prepared to relocate safely during threatening times. 

It is best if you can delay your plans to relocate if you are moving to a high risk area. However, if the relocation is unavoidable, make sure you are well prepared to have a safe journey and a smooth relocation. 

The relocation process is complicated and tiring, it can become more cumbersome if you aren’t prepared. 

This article was written in cooperation with Movingapt