Dacryptogem : 3 promising crypto projects to watch for in 2022 and beyond

  (photo credit: Da Crypto Gems)
(photo credit: Da Crypto Gems)

2 decades ago nobody, or atleast not every common man and woman had heard of the word crypto. Online transactions, of any sort, were still in their very nascent stage, if at all. But once the internet got out of the labs and offices of Physicists where it was first conceived and brought to life, the life of the ordinary man was poised for the next big evolution. Evolution of ideas, and expansion of possibilities that although always lay simmering under the fabric of individual imagination, had not the means to sprout evenly across the board of humanity. The freedom that the internet brought with it brought to the world ideas like cryptocurrency. And today’s article sheds light on 3 promising crypto projects to watch out or in 2020 and beyond as speculated by Dacryptogem.

Credit: Da Crypto GemsCredit: Da Crypto Gems

These speculations, experts at Dacryptogem note are, “prone to constant change and this tends to take many people by surprise. Therefore, it’s important to remember that the crypto industry is always changing due to changes in traders’ interests and in infrastructure. And that a coin that seems very popular today might lose its potency the next day. This happens and the best way to deal with changes is to be aware that as in life, the world of crypto is alive and evolving too.” They believe the following projects will rule the roost in the time to come:


“The name made followed by Elon Musk’s famous tweet did well last year and has every chance of doing well this year as well,” Dacryptogem’s experts say. Indeed, the dogecoin meme was one of the fastest things to catch people’s attention and this unexpected notoriety did it well, and today it’s considered one of the best-undervalued cryptos to fund in 2022. 

Despite the lit entrepreneurial backing, dogecoin started at a lowly $0.002 at the start of 2021. But the slow-starter was hiding a nitro-boost and had soared to “$.76 per coin by May 2021. In a measly 5-month period dogecoin had touched gains of over 19000%. Its ability to grow unprecedentedly makes us see it as one of the most promising crypto projects of 2022 and beyond.”


Probably one of the best altcoins out there, Ethereum has made it to every positive list in the crypto world since its inception. Don’t be surprised if you don’t invest in crypto but are familiar with this name. For most traders, investors, and enthusiasts there’s something more to Ethereum. The coin rides the tide of this unshackled faith year after year. Talking about it experts at Dacryptogem say, “It’s a commonly held belief among experts that Ethereum might grow in value by 400% in 2020. Their native token, ETH, has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception. From its track record, we can deduce a huge expansion in the worth of Ethereum this year.”


 Last but not the least, Bitcoin remains as it always has, a powerhouse, in the world of crypto. From its opening price of $.10, it has recorded an average of 9 million percent in growth. In some sense, it has set the bar too high for other players to follow. But this knowledge does not mean that bitcoin should take it easy. And that’s precisely the reason why experts at Dacryptogem believe it’s one of the best projects to watch out for in 2022. They say, “Their need to stay on top of their game will push bitcoin to make important moves, take sharper decisions and altogether keep its eye on the goal. It already has over 40% command on the marketplace and will pull out the guns to maintain that spot and not forsake it for being anything less than itself. As the best crypto to buy for a newbie, bitcoin will be the choice of many entering the world of crypto for the first time. Additionally, it also makes room for leading digital money to be fractionated, meaning it does not require large amounts of investment as you can purchase just a small fraction of one bitcoin unit. This will further hype its case among new members of the community and thus makes it a viable project this year!”

The world of cryptocurrency is beginning to spread its wings. It has the potential that older monetary systems did not have. And although this transformation will be hard to accept, as all changes are, the best response to it can be through knowledge. It’s important to understand its ins and outs and what it means for you and the world as a collective. When you deny or accept something new from that point of view, you can rely more on your decisions. However, if you are someone who is already making moves in the crypto world, what are your thoughts on Dacryptogem’s speculation and the three names that have been projected into the future as promising? Let’s know.

This article was written in cooperation with Da Crypto Gems