Darik Alexander talks about simple ways to build real wealth

  (photo credit:  Darik Alexander)
(photo credit: Darik Alexander)

With growing concerns over our financial future, people recognize the importance of taking charge of their own fate. Changes in technology are shifting the way we view money. Darik Alexander is taking full advantage of new tech to teach people to earn passive income and generate wealth, all from the comfort of their homes.

Darik has learned to leverage the power of AI so people can take advantage of market trends, allowing them to customize their trades according to their preferences. After years of immersing himself in digital marketing, spending tens of thousands of dollars learning from the best, Darik combined everything he knew to create an online market. He developed Market Hackers as a way to simplify online foreign exchange market trading for the average user. Darik doesn’t make “get rich quick” promises, but offers real results his clients can see and control.

Darik wanted to give his Market Hackers all the benefits they needed to become successful traders. So, he partnered with a series of trading software and technologies with innovative and groundbreaking AI qualities. “Alexander,” an advanced AI software, gives users full control over their settings so they can adjust their risk level and strategy management. This allows them to identify and take advantage of trends. “Ainstein” is an international counterpart to “Alexander.” This software operates on the same principles in the international markets. However, it is only offered in markets where manual input is not required on every trade opportunity alert. He also uses “Airis” as an add-on to recognize patterns and alert users of potential market breakouts. Finally, “Avia” is a social ecosystem mobile app where users can receive discounts and savings on travel and shopping.

As an extension of Market Hackers, Darik has also created Project 600, a program offered free to members who join the “Inner Circle.” The idea behind the program is for people to first achieve attainable results, then realize their full potential. “The goal isn’t to make people millionaires at first. It's just making $600 a month so they can do it fast and see that it’s real and then help them scale to more,” says Darik Alexander. 

When Darik started his first business, he saw a need to dominate the online space. He knew he could challenge the status quo and separate himself from the rest of the competition. Darik never lets fear hold him back. Instead, he sees it as an invitation to step out of his comfort zone and shed the old skin that kept him stuck where he was before. By mastering online sales and digital marketing, he knew he could bring value that really resonates with what people are looking for. “You don’t just start a business. You have to really dive into the specific need of your market and how you plan to not only service that need, but do it better than anyone else in your field can,” says Drik Alexander.

After Darik’s first business at age 20, he realized how important it was for marketers to dominate the online space. Not only was it necessary, but it wasn’t being taught. After suffering a setback when his business failed, Darik found himself in a ton of debt he was unable to pay back. To get himself back on his feet, he slept on his friend’s couch as he saved up enough cash to start his next business. “Success to me is not just defined by my business but also the quality of the relationships I have in my life and how well I treat people,” says Darik Alexander.

Darik knew that if he could master how to scale businesses online, he could set himself apart. Now, he teaches other marketers sales psychology, sales scripts and infographics, and immersive how-to videos on building sales funnels that convert. He also helps people create engaging auto responders via email and Facebook Messenger, teaches people how to bring any fan page to 1000s of likes, and how to run quality Instagram and Facebook ads. 

For Darik, having absolute choice and control is real freedom. That freedom is attainable when you learn to be a self motivator. If you always need someone to hold your hand, you will never be productive in business. Darik saw his dad scale a business as an entrepreneur, so he knew anything was possible. As an entrepreneur, Darik enjoys the freedom to control his time from anywhere in the world. But, one thing Darik has noticed is that everyone wants the fruits of a scaled business without giving much thought to the journey it takes to create one. “Rather than focusing on the fruit, fall in love with the process of watering the tree. Fall in love with the work, and the fruit will come naturally,” says Darik Alexander.

By using AI in a way no one else has, Darik is delivering a service like never before. He gives people total control over how they invest in a simplified way. With a way to earn passive income by trading in the foreign markets, Darik’s Market Hackers and “Inner Circle” can maximize their earnings potential.

This article was written in cooperation with Christian Hampton