David Fichman is Changing the World at Twenty-Two

David Fichman, the founder of Bootcamp, talks about the obstacles he faced and how he surpassed them to get to where he is now.

 (photo credit: DAVID FISHMAN)
(photo credit: DAVID FISHMAN)

David Fichman, a self-made millionaire by 21, was doing business since he was 12 years old. Granted, after discovering his passion for helping others succeed in life and in business, the young entrepreneur established a project to help people better understand one another and stop competing against each other in a race that he claims, “does not exist”. David left millions in the hopes of changing the world.

The young entrepreneur founded his company ‘Bootcamp’ when he realized how much he loved helping people overcome their personal problems to achieve their full potential “Once we stop judging people, we can start understanding them”, David explained.

Having always felt like a lone wolf and a misfit, David Fichman struggled with anxiety and depression in his school life, as he felt suffocated by the robotic system. He longed to make a change in the world instead of fitting into a mold prepared by society for him. His aspiration soon turned into reality – he left a successful Media company that he created to pursue his passion, and that’s how Bootcamp came into being.

“I never attained much support for my endeavors, and constantly felt as though I have had to prove myself against all the naysayers and doubtful people around me,” shares David Fichman.

Despite facing the criticism of moving too fast in his career, David never took his eyes away from his goal and has always focused on success. The success of especially those that have trudged along the same path as he is on at the moment and have come out victorious on the other side.

David’s hunger came from the number of lives he’s changed at 22. The sentence “you’ve changed my life” has driven him to change as many as possible. “The knowledge that what I am doing is possible brings me comfort, and that is more fulfilling than money,” says David.

David Fichman is incredibly committed to the cause of helping those around him. He is extremely confident of his capabilities, and strongly believes in self-reflection and learning from mistakes made along the way.