Dennis Schwager from Germany's hookah sector, explains how people can grow their shisha business

 (photo credit: DENNIS SCHWAGER)
(photo credit: DENNIS SCHWAGER)

He is a 27-year-old entrepreneur who owns Shisha Cloud, a favourite shisha products company of many and is also a famous content creator in the hookah niche.

It is not a walk in the park to build a business from scratch, develop it and grow into a more prominent name in its respective industry. Especially, when it deals with unconventional business industries like the shisha sector, people who have already made it huge in the same must be applauded for the risks they might have taken and the relentless efforts they must have put for making it a success. Dennis Schwager rises high in the niche from Ulm, Germany, who has thrived off of his unique ideas and passion for hookah in a very short period of time, creating a prominent shisha products company in the form of 'Shisha Cloud.' Not just that, he started off with leveraging the social media platforms and created hookah content to impress and entertain audiences. As he saw the boom in social media platforms and his growing number of subscribers on his YouTube channel, 'Shisha Stabil', he knew what his true calling was.

Since then, Dennis Schwager has never looked back and has only achieved staggering success both as a content creator and entrepreneur with his brand. He shares a few tips and explains how people can stay up in their game in the shisha sector.

Set-up hookah flavour tasting nights: One great idea for attracting more eyeballs is to set-up hookah flavour tasting nights at their shops. Owners can also share some mouth tips and recommend them to try their featured flavours. This strategy can help in increasing people's excitement, says Dennis Schwager.

Hire hookah lovers and aficionados: Happy customers would want to try many new flavours and also discuss different options, the flavour, the smoke, the cut, etc. They need people who have enough knowledge and experience on the subject to hold discussions and conversations. Hence, people must hire hookah enthusiasts who have extensive knowledge and immense passion for the same.

Organize hookah meet-ups: Dennis Schwager points out that this stands as a unique strategy for growing one's business. Brands can organize hookah meet-ups to reach out to more customers and encourage them to try their new hookah products and flavours, helping them meet new people and hookah lovers and experience an exciting evening.

In just a few years, Dennis Schwager has expanded Shisha Cloud outside of Ulm with franchise braches and stores and has even gone online for reaching many new customers. His early success proves his passion for the shisha sector and he also aims to expand to many more parts of Europe and outside to become the prominent most in the industry. Do follow his brand and him on Instagram to know more, @nednis_ and @shishacloud_official.