Dr. Mike Tran Shares What Takes to be the Best

 (photo credit: MIKE TRAN)
(photo credit: MIKE TRAN)

Dr. Mike Tran has combined his knowledge of dentistry with his business skills to take his brand Floss Dental to new heights. As an expert in the field of dentistry, he always believes that there is no end to knowledge and that everyone must grow by learning every day. Today, Floss Dental is the fastest growing dental brand in Texas. The company is planning to expand nationwide and will soon open offices in Ohio, Georgia, and the U.S Virgin Islands. Floss Dental has grown more than just a dental brand; it is a Floss family now which includes patients, dentists, and staff. 

The mastermind behind the success of Floss Dental and its unique philosophy is Dr. Mike Tran. He is also a top 1% Invisalign seller and is specialized in veneers. He is prepared to treat anyone with any dental problem. It is this philosophy of Floss Dental that taken the brand to new heights. Floss dental offers not just dental care but a little more attention and a sense of familiarity. 

Dr. Mike Tran started his journey as an immigrant to the U.S from Vietnam. His family migrated to escape community Vietnam and the endless wars. Dr. Mike or Michael Tran was born on July 6, 1981, at a refugee camp in Thailand. He has faced extreme poverty since childhood but kept his dreams afloat. He always wanted to help and heal people. So, after completing his Business Management at Texas Tech University, he moved on to study dentistry at Howard College of Dentistry. To hone his craft he enrolled himself in Houston Advanced Education in General Dentistry AEGD. His thirst for knowledge landed him with an opportunity to work as a faculty of Live implant surgery courses at AEGD. After gaining considerable experience he moved on to start his clinic from an old closed down dental office at Magnolia. The humble journey of the renowned Floss Dental brand started from there. 

Dr. Mike is a living example of where continuing education and skill can take a person. As it is a fact that hard work beats luck, Dr. Mike believes that hard work is possible only with knowledge and knowledge comes from continuing education. Even after being listed as a top dentist in Houston, he still enrolls for specialized courses from other experienced dentists. He believes that dentists from his franchise or even other dentists can only grow with expert ideas and continuing education in their field. 

To stay at the top of his field, Dr. Mike Tran is always investing in the best training and courses. One two day course he recently took cost $10,000. This investment allows him to serve his patients better and make sure his staff has access to the latest research and techniques in dental care. In fact, Dr. Mike regularly spends over $40,000 a year on training to keep his spot as the top dentist in the Houston area.