Dr. Yasam Ayavefe opens Mileo luxury suites designed to Immerse you in Greek paradise

  (photo credit: Mileo Luxury Suites)
(photo credit: Mileo Luxury Suites)

Intimate, chic, and creative, Mileo carries its own distinct character, just as Dr. Yasam Ayavefe intended. Just recently welcoming guests, this newly acquired and stunning hotel has a lot of amenities, which will provide the guests a memorable, fascinating experience. The importance of people receiving unsurpassed pleasure was Dr. Ayavefe’s goal in the planning of opening Mileo.  Not only a business venture, but this is also a venture that he has built to create an experience that will serve as a euphoric moment in the guests’ lives. As with all his ventures, this serial entrepreneur, successful businessman, and a man of passion for creating a better world for all of us, Mileo Luxury Suites was opened with a different feel than most 5-star hotels. The beautiful landscape inside and out, amenities, and of course nearby sights, Mileo was opened with a true passion for creating extravagance and sheer happiness the guests will carry with them for a lifetime.  

Mileo is conveniently located in the heart of Kalo Livadi Beach, Mykonos, Greece. Dr. Yasam Avavefe is honored to provide guests the opportunity to experience this fascinating boutique hotel. 

 “Unobstructed views towards the Aegean Sea, Cycladic architecture surrounds, the ambiance is meant to give people an exquisite experience of relaxation and feeling special as they are catered to in the highest quality.” Dr. Ayavefe has genuinely acquired Mileo as a gift to people and a destination that will exhilarate their lives and instill contentment.  

With 25 luxury suites, each suite providing a private pool or Jacuzzi, and the barefoot chic creativity, a combination of distinctive and traditional architecture, Mileo can only be defined as a setting most have imagined but has now become a reality.  

“Mileo strives to give our guests the perfection in a destination journey they deserve. People have experienced a difficult emotional time over the past couple of years, and it is our goal to eliminate those feelings and give them a breath-taking renewal on life.”  Dr. Yasam Ayavefe’s words resonate as we look back on the last years and look forward to rejuvenation. Mileo would be the new awakening and revival people need in seeking luxury at its finest.   

With a menu based on Greek and Mediterranean cultures, Mileo includes dining, and bar experience, uniquely blended with the impeccable landscape of this exquisite boutique hotel. “Love for cooking and devotion to your wishes” is all one would need to know to desire the delectable creations provided for guests. And, since pampering is a priority, Mileo invites guests to experience the spa, where they can receive many treatments while deciding when to visit the fully equipped fitness center.  

With many luxury suites, including an executive suite with a seaside view and private pool, this suite depicts a slice of heaven as if you were on your own private island. Executive Suites offer exquisite bath amenities, workstations, Mediterranean breakfast, two-bedroom suites, butler service, and many more amenities. The Junior Suites, Superior Suites, Deluxe Suites, and Suites equipped with a private pool are also beyond imaginable until you experience them for yourselves. Viewing each suite individually and deciding will be excitingly challenging yet will prove to be a decision that will leave you feverish with anticipation. And the feeling you will receive is precisely why Dr. Ayavefe acquired Mileo.

Credit: Mileo Luxury SuitesCredit: Mileo Luxury Suites

“There are no words that fully define this beautiful place as it is situated in and surrounded by views guests will take with them forever. The sights of Little Venice, Windmills, Rinia, Delos, and the many beaches the guests have to discover, take my own breath away. I cannot explain what an honor it is to offer this type of destination to people globally.”  

Credit: Mileo Luxury SuitesCredit: Mileo Luxury Suites

Just listening to his excitement for future guests and the experience they will encounter, it is apparent that Dr. Ayavefe loves Mileo; he is thrilled to share a gift of a luxurious experience to all. With the Archaeological Museum of Mykonos 4.3 miles from the hotel, Mykonos Windmills is only 4.3 miles away, and the nearest airport is Mykonos Airport, 3.7 miles from Mileo. The sites are certainly within close proximity to many amenities and convenient for all guests. Also, Mileo is only an 18-minute walk from the beach set in Mykonos City, 1,500 feet from Loulos Beach, and less than 0.6 miles from Agia Anna Beach. With 24-hour desk service, airport transfers, room service, and WiFi, combined with the ambiance, views, and elegant suites, Mileo is on our list of one of the most beautiful hotels globally.  

We are grateful to Dr. Yasam Ayavefe for offering Mileo to all of us. His unprecedented awareness of what we all need and dream of is beyond inspiring; Mileo creates a sense of euphoria and exhilaration, immersing us in a Greek Paradise.

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