Due.com Has Immense Financial Benefits and Safety Features for International Business Owners

 (photo credit: DUE.COM)
(photo credit: DUE.COM)

Running a successful international business is quite the accomplishment, it requires an owner to be adept at organizing a competent team of international workers that can work in unison from remote parts of the world. Also, maintaining a clientele base that requires around the clock services when dealing with different times zones. However, arguably the most difficult part of sustaining such a business is finding a payment solution that is affordable and effective, for workers and clients that are spread out throughout the globe.

Each worker and client presents a unique situation in terms of payment, as the varying languages and tax systems must be taken into account when making payment. When using standard payment methods like credit cards or bank wires, a business owner can be detrimentally effected by the significant fees associated with such transactions. Due.com seeks to change the landscape of payment processing, mainly appealing to business owners with their small transaction fees, and highest levels of security.
John Rampton is the CEO of Due.com, and he emphasizes four key points when looking for a payment provider: no hidden or monthly fees, no per transaction cost, special rates for high-volume customers, and a guarantee. Due.com has all four aforementioned elements, as well as a low 2.7% cost for all card types. If a business owner is able to find a lower rate elsewhere, Due.com will beat it. Security has also become of paramount importance when finding a payment processing platform, the increased savvy of online hackers can breach the personal data and information of a platform, leading to dangerous repercussions that can lead to the end of a flourishing business. The 11th Annual Cost of Breach Study, sponsored by IBM, found that the average cost of a data breach grew by $200,000 the past year. This is even more worrisome for international business owners who have greater exposure, especially when working with different financial institutions, regulations, languages, and tax systems.
Due.com has many safety features integrated into its platform to prevent from such terrifying occurrences, Rampton also makes it a point of emphasis for business owners to seek out a payment platform that uses encryption technology that tokenizes data, once it reaches its servers.
Financial stability is the foundation of any growing business, so it is critical to find a payment platform that can contribute to a growing bottom line, while giving the business owner peace of mind that the personal data of their clients and workers is protected. With no per transaction costs, no monthly fees, a low 2.7% cost on all types of cards, and top-notch security, Due.com is a no-brainer for international business owners.
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