Elisha Elbaz, changing the face of digital marketing

From the tender age of 21, Elisha Elbaz has taken notable strides as an entrepreneur.

 (photo credit: DIGITAL FUTURE)
(photo credit: DIGITAL FUTURE)
• Digital Future tips the new phenomenon of Facebook Shops and Instagram Marketing
• The remarkable story of how Digital Future was raised during the Israeli tech boom
• How customer retention and human relationships still matter in a digital world

From the tender age of 21, Elisha Elbaz has taken notable strides as an entrepreneur. Today, after 15 years in the digital marketing industry, he is the CEO of  Digital Future. Having grown this into a recognizable brand and marketing company, it provides assistance to businesses and individuals all over the world - with teams in multiple time zones.

The tech boom in Israel - and where Digital Future slots in:

Digital Future is no doubt a leading contributor to Israel’s technology boom, and the company’s founder has no intention of slowing down. During the time when Israel invested heavily in education and technology, to position its talent as formidable contenders on the global arena, around 2016, Elisha was approached by a friend to participate in media buying. Elisha committed himself wholly to learning everything about the industry and within a few months, their partnership was outperforming many of their competitors. As the company progressed the core goals became to provide top quality services while maintaining a kind and friendly approach to everyone they worked with.

Differentiation through value creation:

It was not hard to see how value creation could make a difference. Elisha had realized that many brand companies offered “quick fixes” and gimmicky offers to lure people into accepting the brand deal, and he wanted desperately to move away from that. The values of Digital Future agency are thus, kindness, transparency, and professionalism, and they work hard to maintain these. 

Elisha says that if a person is really serious about growing their brand, they need to put in the hard work and dedication. There is no magic answer to create overnight success, but there are means and tools to make your journey easier and more effective. 

At Digital Future, they aim to work with people who are willing to put in the time and effort into building their brand. This allows for a more cohesive experience between both the company and the client. Elisha wants to make sure that each partner that the company works with gets the best possible experience they can, and that they see meaningful and lasting change in their business’s brand strategy.

Thriving in a world of big ecosystems:

Digital Future is aimed at helping brands create successful marketing strategies that will help them achieve their goals. Some features that they offer are promoting mobile apps to users, increasing brand awareness, and gaining Instagram growth for their clients. The main focus is to ensure that the company increases brand value for the client. Today, at a time when Facebook/Instagram, Google and Amazon are notable ecosystems that can make or break many businesses, Elisha believes that companies should envisage ways of tapping into these ecosystems through the latest techniques available - but also imagine a form of independence by tapping alternative channels and tactics. One of his latest suggestions to e commerce providers, is to thoroughly understand and navigate the new phenomenon of “Facebook Shops” - which is tightly integrated with Instagram - an area where Digital Future is considered an authority.

Constant improvement of people and organizations:

Elisha is a big believer in self-development and personal improvement, and these characteristics really trickle down into the way he runs his business. When asked about facing challenges, he says he and his team always put immense attention towards the final result, and what that should look like. The company is constantly trying to refine its methods, and create technology and systems that are more and more optimized to efficiently deliver the tasks at hand. No matter what a person does, they are always going to encounter problems, but he believes any problem can be solved, and it’s Digital Future’s job to solve them.

True to his word, the company has found extremely innovative ways to deal with the chaotic process of sifting through large amounts of data. Digital Future has implemented the use of API which gives the company complete control over the campaigns they manage. They also have a host of other insightful features that make working with a large number of clients and information as seamless as possible. They have the ability to cap offers per publisher or sub-source and approve campaigns based on unique conditions decided upon by the company.

The key to customer retention?

Digital Future manages to retain its clients by ensuring they create exceptional value first and then build good relationships. Elisha believes in complete transparency, rather than covering up issues he feels you should always be completely transparent. This way you can find a solution much quicker and you maintain a level of trust with the people you work with. This is especially important during the age of digital media where ad fraud can be rampant and clients require highly reliable agents to help them combat these challenges. 

The future is bright:

Even though he has already achieved so much, Elisha still has big plans for the future. He predicts that mobile apps are going to see a rise in popularity, as they have already become the preferred way for users to interact with brands. More influencers are also stepping away from digital marketing and starting to create their own brands.

We are living in an exciting time of constant change and development.  In the digital world you never really know what’s around the corner, but whatever it is, Elisha and his team at Digital Future, are ready to take on the challenge with open arms.