Enjoy Your Holidays with Friends, Family and StreamParty

 (photo credit: STREAMPARTY)
(photo credit: STREAMPARTY)

The current pandemic situation has confined many to the boundaries of homes. Rarely do you get the options to enjoy time with your family and friends? Therefore, if you are looking forward to enjoying some pleasant party time with your friends without going out, you might consider the option of StreamParty.

About StreamParty

Sometimes, you might want to enjoy your favorite TV series and movies with your family and friends. But seldom do you get the chance to enjoy such shows with your friends due to multiple issues. What if you can remain in your private area and still enjoy these shows with your friends and family? 

Yes, it is indeed possible as StreamParty offers you the best platform to do so. It is an innovative initiative where people can join watch parties with their beloved ones without any troubles. No matter where you are located or what time it is, you can still have fun with your dear ones. 

The platform refers to a community where you can form a group and watch the videos together. You can select your favorite playlist and stream the videos at any time according to your preferences. 

These shows can be synced effortlessly with your loved ones, and all you need to do is share the details with them. Are you slightly confused about this arrangement? Well, here is a detailed review and guide for your reference:

How does the application work?

If you want to enjoy the shows and movies together with your loved ones, you need to get your browser's extension file. As already highlighted above, this one functions pretty seamlessly without any interruptions and does not depend on your location. 

In simpler terms, you can be in any part of the globe right now and still have the privileges of using this extension and connect with your favorite shows and friends.  

StreamParty is an extension which you need to integrate into your browser. It works with the latest updated browsers Chrome and Firefox. According to many users, you would be amazed to use this extension link and connect with your beloved ones. Also, this one promises to fill your life with excitement and fun. So, when it comes to enjoying times with friends and family during the pandemic, it has to be StreamParty. 

How to get started?

If you are interested in getting this fantastic platform for your watch party, here is a list of things you need to do:

  • Firstly, you need to register to the StreamParty with your credentials and personal information.
  • Once it is done, make sure to sign up with your Google account. Do keep the username and password a little easy so that everyone can use it without any troubles. you can add the extension to your Chrome or Firefox browser and log in with your registered credentials. 
  • You can create the watch party upon logging in to your account. Make sure to share the link with your friends to help them join the streaming party without any problems.
  • You need to start any of the episodes or the movies of your choice first and provide the much-needed permission to the extension.
  • You can select the access permission at your convenience. In most cases, people like to control what they watch with their friends and families. You can choose the "Only I have access."
  • In case you would be joining the watch party, select "Join Party" and instantly join it without any issues. You can also use the chatbox feature available on this platform to communicate and enjoy the shows' details and opinions without stopping the episodes. 

Vital Considerations

You must be thrilled to use this platform to connect with your beloved friends and family and thereby spend some exciting time with them. You need to understand a few things before you start using this platform:

  • Installing the extension is an essential step to use this platform and watch the episodes without any hassles with your beloved ones.
  • You must get the subscriptions renewed from different platforms if you want to enjoy shows from Netflix and Disney+.
  • You can get a free version with limited privileges. But if you need enhanced utilities, you need to get the paid version. 

Final Thoughts

Sometimes, people do not like to get the paid versions. Therefore, StreamParty offers you a free platform as well. 

But if you need advanced features and functions, you need to pay for them. And given the vast benefits of enjoying your favorite shows and movies with your beloved, it is undoubtedly worth a try. Try it today and bid goodbye to boredom due to such lockdown conditions.