Entrepreneur Omar Del Villar shares how he became a successful among celebrities and influencers

 (photo credit: OMAR CRUZ)
(photo credit: OMAR CRUZ)

Success is universal and is available to everyone. The only ingredient to be successful is to stay dedicated to life goals. With a dream to establish a business and work independently, Omar Del Villar spent his time on social media and became an expert. The man who once worked as a night club host is now the proud owner of ‘Echelon Smiles’ and co-owner of ‘GoGiveaways’. Born in the Dominican Republic, he was raised in Boston and is currently residing in Miami. While ‘Echelon Smiles’ is a dental clinic in Florida, ‘GoGiveAway’ is an online marketing company which helps in boosting social media growth. The company has worked with many reputed names and it is said to be the biggest giveaway company in the USA.

“I had the opportunity to play safe, but I always wanted to step out of my comfort zone and do something extraordinary. Any startup will take time to grow and it won’t flourish immediately. The idea to deal with risks always fascinated me and I believe that I was just a risk away that changed my life”, says Omar. Moreover, he always wanted to create a brand and not be a part of the brand. Putting in his all blood and sweat, Omar has achieved entrepreneurial success after a lot of turmoil. Mr Villar further stated that he always focused on his strengths and gave little time to fix the weaknesses.
Networking being his strength has worked in his favour and has helped him in becoming a massive success. Looking back at his journey, Omar feels that his job as a nightclub host changed his fortunes. While the task was challenging, but it helped him in establishing contacts with many influential people. Not only celebrities and influencers, he even built connections with entrepreneurs and business giants. That was the start of something spectacular in his career. To name a few celebrities, Omar Del Villar has worked with The Game, Cardi B, Jason Derulo, Nicki Minaj and Floyd Mayweather.
What started as a small-scale business went on to become a huge company. Today ‘GoGiveAway’ is a prominent name among everyone who wants to build a strong profile over the internet.  According to him, social media has opened doors for many young talents. In today’s time, talent is just a click away. Many people became social media stars by showcasing their talent digitally. With a complete focus on promoting talented artists digitally, his company has indeed become a platform for all the internet stars. The further plan of his company is to expand beyond the USA. “We are taking it step by step. Everything is falling into place and I am glad that we have come a long way”, added Omar.  
Besides this, the entrepreneur strongly believes that honesty towards work is of utmost importance. “You have to be true to your work. Give your best and make sure that the work you do inspires others”, quoted the entrepreneur. Being a learner, Omar Del Villar has always welcomed new changes. Embracing innovation and creativity in his work has helped the businessman build a successful empire which is expanding at an unprecedented rate.