Executive Coach Dr. Taryn Stejskal Talks About Her Upcoming Documentary "Breaking Free”

Successful people are forged in the fires of their trials and tribulations unafraid to grow through what they go through to become better people.

 (photo credit: DR. TARYN STEJSKAL)
(photo credit: DR. TARYN STEJSKAL)
Successful people are forged in the fires of their trials and tribulations unafraid to grow through what they go through to become better people. The nature of resilience tells us that as we face difficulties, challenges, and stress with the confidence to embrace them, we stand to become more powerful in our lives. Power is one thing, but resilience is the key to any successful life. Executive coach, author, and motivational speaker Dr. Taryn Marie Stejskal has been helping high-powered executives lead with power and confidence, making her an outstanding subject for the upcoming documentary “Breaking Free.”


D​r. Taryn Marie is famous for her approach to executive coaching, which focuses on resilience rather than soft skills or general motivation. “The truth is high-powered executives have the skills, and they have the motivation needed to lead their teams. That’s how they got to where they are,” states Dr. Taryn. “These leaders are faced with the unique challenges of making decisions in both times of great adversity and great opportunity. That is where resilience comes into play.” The former head of leadership and development at both Nike and Cigna, Taryn, dedicated her career to researching how resilience propels leaders forward and maximizes their performance. 


Dr. Taryn is known as the top expert on resilience and executive leadership by creating spaces for executive leaders to lead their teams, face failure, and work effectively. She is the author of “The Five Practices of Particularly Resilient People,” an evidence model based on human performance. In Dr. Taryn’s work, it is all about results and results don’t come easy. “The highest performers are usually your strongest people because they know how to overcome challenges,” explains Dr.Taryn. “That is what I teach people to do and why I believe I was chosen to be featured in Breaking Free.”


T​aryn understands this so well because she didn’t face life without her own challenges. She was an undiagnosed dyslexic most of her life and faced a long and arduous battle with PTSD. She learned first-hand what it is like to find that resilience and live a successful life. “I am honored to be featured in Breaking Free,” says Dr. Taryn. “Resilience is my passion, and being given a platform to explains how to break free from what holds us back is an opportunity of a lifetime.” What sets her apart from other coaches is her keen ability to see opportunity in adversity. She understands what can be harnessed to improve our lives with empathy, grace, and courage.


Undoubtedly, an influencer on the rise, Dr. Taryn, is slated for her book and documentary to release later this year. She has a successful blog and podcast and has been featured in high-ranking publications like Thrive Global, Women’s Daily Magazine, and Medium, among others. She serves a much broader audience of people who are ready and willing to take their power back in their own lives through her digital platforms. Following Dr. Taryn is like having a coach helps you unleash your unique potential right to your fingertips