Fit with Cambrie Founder, Cambrie Schroder, talks fitness, purpose, and grit

 (photo credit: CAMBRIE SCHRODER)
(photo credit: CAMBRIE SCHRODER)

The fitness industry, though it claims to support and promote health is ridden with fad diets, unrealistic expectations, and as much fakeness—from faux-clean products to FaceTune—as the world of entertainment. Fitness influencers have become the new “model-influencers,” often peddling detox tea and sporting plastic surgery, further separating themselves from their target audience.Cambrie Schroder, who grew up in the Hollywood scene, is doing things differently. Motivated by an innate desire to empower girls to love living a truly healthy life, while making it approachable, she started Fit With Cambrie. Unlike other programs, FWC is realistic, uses the purest ingredients, and is based on Cambrie’s own values of authenticity, grit, and being of service. More importantly, she backs her talk, or message, by walking the walk alongside her online community of nearly 370K #armyofangels—what she calls her followers.

Having spent her teenage years modeling and acting, a job she had to stay in tip top shape for, Cambrie found herself without a solid fitness role model to look up to. And so, she became her own. What began as teaching fitness dance classes to her younger sister and friends at just 15 years old, eventually evolved into FWC. “After teaching them for a few years I started thinking about how I could impact more people, so I started growing my Instagram and creating useful content that could help girls who were viewing it all over the world,” explains Cambrie. Driven by the desire to show young girls what an actually happy and meaningful life consists of—taking care of one’s body and mind, being kind, and being of value to the world—she created a program and a product that inspires girls to adopt a healthy lifestyle they would look forward to. As a California native she was no stranger to the smoothie game and “realized that creating a well-balanced protein supplement would be the ideal healthy product,” she says. FWC offers everything from high-quality nutritional supplements to ebooks and detox guides, as well as fitness accessories and endless inspirational content.

One of the things that makes FWC stand out in the over-saturated fitness market is that it promotes attainable goals and standards, and provides a welcoming sense of community. “It’s also about being feminine, while living a fit and athletic life. It’s about showing that you can be a strong, badass, and athletic female; you can be it all if you have the right mindset,” adds Cambrie with the type of passion that would motivate anyone to try her system. Unlike what pop-culture would have us believe, she promotes the idea that self-esteem is not about your physical appearance, likes on Instagram, or going to the hottest bars in the coolest cars, instead she bases it on what she can offer the world. Talk about an inspiring message.

In keeping with her ideals, Cambrie has set out on a new personal challenge, that of professional boxing, which still fits into the FWC brand and message. 

“To me, the bigger the challenge you set for yourself the more fulfilled and happy you will be. Boxing was such a challenge for me—the odds are completely stacked against me because most girls start when they’re young. I wanted to commit to something that was not about instant gratification, that you can’t buy or fake—to something that’s about discipline and hard work, something more real, and gritty,” explains Cambrie of her switch into a new sport.

With her determination, drive, and passion, Cambrie acts as a role model for young girls—as someone they can actually look up to. Perhaps if more people follow her belief in promoting authenticity, the future of pop culture will adopt a more real persona. To learn more about FWC and stay up to date on Cambrie’s journey, follow her on Instagram.

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