Flipking Nick Luevano talks about his success as a Hispanic entrepreneur

  (photo credit: Nick Luevano)
(photo credit: Nick Luevano)

Passion drives results and Nick Luevano is passionate about getting his clients the results they seek. He works with a variety of people, cultures, and businesses across the world, using real estate as a tool to create generational wealth. He’s well-known for challenging the status quo and breaking through barriers to help people achieve their highest potential.

At age 31, Nick is a self-made millionaire. He says he took the path of most resistance in that he didn’t go out looking for opportunity in real estate. Instead, the path chose him. At a point in Nick’s life when he was seeking and praying for a bigger vehicle, he came across a YouTube ad for an online web class. Nick attended the class and saw the endless possibilities that lie in real estate investing. After trying it out, he made $90,000 on his first deal and never looked back. “I left everything I knew at the time to dive into the world of real estate that was so new and unfamiliar to me. I took all of my natural abilities and acquired skills and took a chance at it, worked smart, worked hard, invested in myself and eventually mastered it and now I get to help guide others on their paths through this world,” says Nick Luevano.

Nick catapulted the Millennial Movement of entrepreneurs, building a sales organization of over 5,000 customers within 25 states and over 15 countries worldwide. He’s closed over 500 real estate transactions over the last 5 years, bringing him to the top 1% of his company. As a serial entrepreneur, Nick has taken his earnings from real estate and invested them into other companies, as well. He also founded Millennial Flippers, one of the fastest growing real estate education platforms, teaching people to leverage their passions to build wealth through real estate. Through his coaching platform, Nick has coached hundreds of real estate investors from beginner to expert.

Nick is relentlessly passionate about his work, but believes in keeping a balance in all areas of life. He keeps everything in check by staying physically healthy, letting go of unnecessary emotions, reading to grow his mind, staying involved in his church, and keeping an active prayer life. “I believe in being sound in all areas - mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually,” says Nick Luevano.

Nick’s hard work has paid off. His most proud moments are graduating from college, closing his first deal, moving into his dream home, and seeing his mom retire. As Nick continues to grow, he plans to expand both his real estate investment portfolio and invest in more small businesses.

his article was written in cooperation with Christian Hampton