Four sports that bettors worldwide wager on

  (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

Despite the fact that some people think online casinos are more popular than bookmakers, usually, this isn’t the case. Online bookmakers are known for offering substantially more things than their land-based counterparts. Perhaps the thing that stands out the most is the different features, especially Cash Out. Although you can probably find this option among some of the best bookmakers, it became popular because of its online counterparts.

Since the features and bonuses are often the centers of attention, people forget that online bookmakers also offer tons of sports. Some brands are dedicated to providing their users with every sport in the world. As a result, gamblers always have something interesting to wager on. Of course, some sports have way more fans than others regarding iGaming, so let’s check them out.

1. Football

Almost everyone who wants to bet on sports online is interested in football, especially in Europe. Soccer is the biggest sport globally in terms of fans and the most sought-after option among online bookmakers. Speaking of betting sites, although NostraBet is a well known Bulgarian brand, this website is accessible in many other countries, which means you can read professional reviews in your native language. These reviews will always share more information about the available sports, especially football. Furthermore, you can use them to learn about the bookie’s payment options, bonuses, and special features.

Nowadays, even gambling brands that focus on other sports offer at least a few football leagues and competitions. Besides giving people access to the best soccer leagues, the top brands try to include every football competition in the world. Thus, bettors who like this sport will always have the chance to punt on something.

Speaking of punting, football is a sport that may give you access to pick from thousands of markets. Needless to say, you can also use special bonuses, especially if you are interested in some of the more popular leagues around the world.

2. Tennis

The second sport known for being popular among online bettors is tennis. Like football, this is a sport that you can find on almost every bookmaker. Despite the fact that it doesn’t offer as many markets and events as soccer, you can usually find several active competitions.

The tournaments that most people focus on are a part of the Grand Slam because they feature the best players in the world. Tennis is an individual sport, which means that most of the markets you will have access to are not accessible if you punt on football. Since tennis is a dynamic sport, the live betting markets available for some events, such as the Australian Open, are impressive. Interestingly, some of them are only accessible for a couple of seconds. That’s one of the reasons why people who like this sport prefer to visit Nostrabet and read professional reviews. They allow them to choose an iGaming operator that offers a top-notch live betting section.

3. Formula 1

It may come as a surprise to some of you, but Formula 1 is one of the popular sports in the world of online betting. One of the main problems with people interested in it is the lack of races. Unlike things, such as football, where you always have something to bet on, there are only a few F1 races per year. That’s one of the reasons why many bookmakers allow their users to bet on things, such as the pilot they think will win the competition.

Formula 1 may not have the same impact as other sports on this list, but its live betting markets are on another level. As long as you find a top-rated online bookmaker where you can punt on live events, most F1 races will provide you with loads of options.

4. eSports

The last sport that we had to include on our list will keep getting more popular in the future, and for a reason. Esports offers people the chance to wager on computer and mobile games. This may seem strange to those who don’t know anything about this sport, but Nostrabet’s readers are well aware that this is among the hottest betting options in the world. 

Although some eSports are not as popular as others, the famous games will provide you with endless betting options. Apart from the unique markets you can only access while punting on this sport, some brands even have special features. Speaking of brands, you can often come across eSports-exclusive bookmakers.

This article was written in cooperation with Valentin Santos