From a 9-5 to a 24/7 Boss; Tim Da Jeweler Success Story

 (photo credit: RAESHEL CONTRERAS)
(photo credit: RAESHEL CONTRERAS)

They say a diamond in the rough is a rare find. That diamond can also be known as Timothy Long Jr, aka Tim Da Jeweler. The self made luxury jeweler and designer has paved the way for himself to become one of the hottest custom jewelers in the game. Tim gets real candid in an interview hoping to inspire others to follow their dreams. 

“I was working full time for an insurance agency and it nearly killed me inside to go to work every day, while I would dream of doing something I actually loved” he explained. This dream became a reality in 2015 when he started designing and selling earrings on eBay as a new hobby. With his designs and sales picking up great traction, the light bulb went off and a new passion was formed. Shortly after the rise of TSV Jewelers, Tim was able to experiment more with his creative design process, crafting  earrings, rings and specializing in custom pendants. 

TSV Jewelers became a great success and led Tim to leave his full time job and become his very own full time boss. Tim tells us, “the grind to get where I am now wasn’t easy at all. It took hours of determination and research.” 

In fact It did, the jewelery industry has only a few big named jewelers. Most became jewelers taking over the family business, while others interned under jewelers and branched off to become their own. Taking on a industry that most people need help to get started, Tim decided to educate himself and become one of the very few self made jewelers. Fortunately for Tim, he was able to capitalize from TSV Jewelers and become Tim Da Jeweler. He explains, “it was important to put a face to my brand, so that customers can get a feel for who I am and gain trust while we do business.” In addition to putting a face to the brand, Tim opened an appointment only showroom, serving each client a one on one personal, luxury experience.

This has proved to be nothing short than beneficial as the jewelery industry has been flooded with scammers and pages that steal pictures to pass off as their own. Tim decided to put a stamp on his business and prove that he is here to stay and hopefully one day he can become a household name. “I like to to stay ten steps ahead, that way if I ever slip up it’s not as hard to get up and keep going.” He’s correct about that, young and hungry Tim utilizes his huge social media platform with over 70 thousand followers to stay connected with his peers and all of the hottest new trends. 

This self made boss is a serial thinker, always looking to improve his craft and his brand. When he’s not booked and busy with showroom appointments he’s constantly thinking of new designs that he can introduce to the jewelry world. He’s made huge strides in the past few years and he’s only looking to further put his mark on the jewelry industry. He is open and ready for bookings so come get that custome masterpiece!

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