Fun you never knew existed in Israel

Coming to Israel from anywhere in the world is an emotional experience for most people.

 (photo credit: ISRAEL EXTREME)
(photo credit: ISRAEL EXTREME)
Coming to Israel from anywhere in the world is an emotional experience for most people. Tourists plan months, if not years, before their arrival, scheduling in the historical sites they will explore, the holy sites they will see. Some have waited their whole lives for this visit to Israel and especially to the Western Wall, where they expect to open up and deeply connect. Unfortunately, not every expectation is met, and at times they leave disappointed that they weren’t able to feel the connection they had wished for.


Fortunately, Israel’s favorite touring company, Israel Extreme, has come up with a solution that has tourists left in awe for a lifetime. They see a new side of Israel they didn't even know existed. A new relationship is born through private tours and hiking in Israel.


Deep in the desert before the sun even rises, Israel Extreme’s clients can be found on a secret trail hidden amidst desert rocks. They are climbing to the top of the ridge, where they will sit and watch the sun, in perfect desert silence, as it rises over the desert horizon and the sparkling Dead Sea waters below. The sky at daybreak is a mesmerizing experience that leaves them breathless, and opens them up to the beauty Israel really has to offer. With Israel Extreme, the sunrise is only the beginning of an amazing journey these clients are about to embark upon.


The Salt Wonder is a journey into a place that most people will never get the opportunity to explore. The only other natural existing salt caves in the world are found in Iran, and are still inaccessible to adventure seekers. With the help of professional guides, using levers and ropes, the clients climb down down down deep into the cave and behold, the salt cave is truly a wonder! Standing in a sparkling pool of diamonds and dripping stars of crystals is a challenge to describe, even by the greatest of writers. These are the moments that reawaken people to their roots, heritage, and homeland. Finally, the deep connection to the land they hoped for stirs inside them and an impression is imprinted for a lifetime.


The desert is not the only place to find these adventures and experiences in Israel. Israel Extreme has also scouted out and secured the best places for full day adventures in the north of the country. The Black Canyon is one of their very own highlight tours. This canyon adventure includes waterfalls, canyoneering, swimming, and challenges that will push you beyond what you thought possible. When hiking through the Black Canyon, it is common to come across an Israel Extreme group with their safety helmets on, special gear in place, and go pro camera turned on, as they rock climb and rappel through running waterfalls and in between the massive volcanic walls of the canyon. Jumping off the edge of the canyon’s cliff into the river’s swimming pool is an all-time favorite activity. These highlight moments are forever imprinted on every client Israel Extreme has ever served.


All year round Israel Extreme is prepared and ready to give each client the first class service he or she desires and deserve, whether it’s a solo traveler, a family with small children, or a group of adventure seekers. With over 100 friendly bilingual tour guides, combined with the option of transportation and lodging, their clients keep coming back for more private tours and for raising the adventure level.


Israel Extreme has broken through the marketplace by soaring the skies with skydiving, paragliding, and flying ATV’s. They’ve opened up new and exciting up-close adventures such as white water rafting and special IDF tours. They explore the inner caverns of the earth with their private tours, exploring deep into caves that have never been touched before.


Israel Extreme’s growth is organic, by word of mouth, and by happy clients that have been served so well, and come back for more time and time again.


Are you planning a trip to Israel? Are you ready to connect to the land in ways you didn't know possible? Are you looking forward to beautiful memories to build with your family or friends? Don’t hesitate to call and learn more about your options. Israel Extreme is age friendly and serves all group sizes and capabilities, from beginners to advance. Each tour is custom tailored and private, according to your level of adventure. This is a must for those looking for an incredible Israel experience.


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