Gain an employability edge during your MA degree abroad at Hebrew University

Integrating internships with your MA degree studies presents the ideal framework for exploration and applied learning.

 Hebrew University students. (photo credit: HEBREW UNIVERSITY)
Hebrew University students.
(photo credit: HEBREW UNIVERSITY)

Regardless of your interests, your decision to pursue an MA or MSc degree abroad will likely take into consideration what comes next, once you’ve graduated. Discover how graduate studies at Hebrew University, combined with a valuable internship, can impact the launch of your career.

Finding an entry-level job can be challenging, especially when you lack professional experience. It’s a classic Catch-22, since you need to land a job in order to gain the work experience expected. Ultimately, it will take more than an MA diploma to set you apart from candidates much like yourself – with limited professional experience, myriad talents, and a charming personality. 

An internship abroad will give you an edge, as a graduate who has made the most of your education by complementing it with real-world experience. No matter what field you pursue, most employers will want to hire the candidate with a degree from an excellent institution and the most experience possible. Internships enable you to make a valuable contribution while gaining skills that are often expected at the onset of any career. 

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Real-World Experience and a Global Network

Internships offer a sneak peek into the actual demands of the job, an opportunity to shadow experts, cultivate your talents, adopt best practices, and apply acquired knowledge to real work scenarios, while gaining feedback from seasoned professionals. It’s a time to observe, ask questions, take risks, make mistakes, celebrate successes, and boost your CV. 

As an intern abroad, you’ll begin to build a vital global network of future professional colleagues that will carry you forward, and may even help you secure your first job. You’ll also develop transferable skills such as teamwork, intercultural communication, and adaptability. 

Hebrew University MA Studies and Internships – A Perfect Blend

Integrating internships with your MA degree studies presents the ideal framework for exploration and applied learning. As a student, you’ll test the waters while immersed in a supportive academic environment dedicated to the pursuit of your career goals. And if you discover that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be, there’s still time to reassess your goals and develop a new game plan.

Some universities invest significant resources in ensuring that their students are gainfully employed upon graduation. That’s why choosing where to earn your MA degree is one of the first critical stepping stones of your professional career. You’ll want to seek out a university that is dedicated to its students’ career development, one whose degree programs include internships as a core part of its curriculum.

At the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJI), internships are considered an essential component of a student’s academic and career journey. Many of their degree programs include embedded internships, tailored to the field of study and lifestyles of MA students, and designed to propel graduates into the career world with the skills to hit the ground running.

For example,  HUJI’s innovative StartUp 360° MBA program, offers students the opportunity to immerse themselves in Israel’s startup ecosystem and prepares them to thrive as entrepreneurs in today’s dynamic business environment. Throughout the program, students intern at leading high-tech, financial and business consulting firms. In addition, they participate in a 6-week intensive Trans-Disciplinary Innovation Program (TIP) where they develop a venture idea, build a prototype, and pitch their product to a team of real-world investors. 

“During the TIP seminar, I met Prof. Amnon Shashua, founder of both Mobileye and OrCam, and perhaps Israel’s most successful tech entrepreneur. Our encounter ultimately led to my first job at OrCam, immediately following graduation.” 

Allison Silfen, StartUp 360° MBA alumna, HUJI

Hands-on experience is no less impactful for MA students in the humanities and the social sciences. Through Hebrew University’s MA in International Development (known as Glocal), students participate in embedded four-month internships in disadvantaged communities around the globe. Specializing in their chosen field (public health, human rights, agriculture, and more), they work with local and international professionals in marginalized communities to develop innovative solutions to their most pressing challenges. The experience is empowering, instilling the confidence to pursue their career passions and thrive in a global setting. 

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 Hannah, Dalit, Maria, Rula, Ericha and Leng at Glocal’s graduation ceremony, 2022   (credit: Adi Kayam) Hannah, Dalit, Maria, Rula, Ericha and Leng at Glocal’s graduation ceremony, 2022 (credit: Adi Kayam)

Seek Out Career Resources on Campus 

Many universities – Hebrew University included – offer students support, guidance and resources through their centers for career services. These centers provide an abundance of career development support, including advising, training workshops and networking opportunities. Be sure to seek yours out and take advantage of its offerings to advance your career journey.  

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