Hebrew University

Jerusalem-based university founded in 1918 by Einstein and Chaim Weizmann
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Ecuador to move toward Israel at UN, opens Jerusalem innovation office

Jerusalem and Quito have had formal diplomatic ties since 1949, but Lasso's arrival here on Monday marks the first time that the country's president has visited Israel. 

'All philanthropy begins from the heart', Naomi Azrieli

Naomi Azrieli, will be the featured guest in the latest episode of ‘The Philanthropists,’ a video series presented by the Canadian Friends of Hebrew University, on May 10.

Dead Sea sediment analyses show 15,000-year-old climate phase periods

The sediments at the edge of Lake Lisan near the archaeological site of Masada and from the bottom of the Dead Sea are unique witnesses to this development.

IQM, Hebrew University and Bar-Ilan University to advance quantum tech

IQM, Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Bar-Ilan University have started research cooperation on quantum technologies, with IQM providing commercial-grade quantum-computing hardware.

Ukrainian academics arrive at Hebrew University

In a show of solidarity, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem has offered academic hosting for Ukrainian academic staff and students.

Hebrew University discovers new magnetic phenomenon - study

The discovery ultimately relied on images produced by a new type of magnetic microscopy developed in Israel, which can measure the magnetic field of a single electron

How can stray cats be stopped from taking over the street? - study

Israel has a massive stray cat problem; there are about two million strays in the country, with 240,000 in Jerusalem alone.

Dental developmental anomalies differ in childhood cancer patients - study

Researchers found that combined chemotherapy and radiotherapy indicated an increased risk of DDA.

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