Hebrew University

Jerusalem-based university founded in 1918 by Einstein and Chaim Weizmann

Hebrew University professor Shimon Shetreet running for president

Shetreet served as a Labor MK from 1992 to 1996 and held the religious affairs; science, culture and sports; and industry and trade portfolios.

Dr. Ami Appelbaum, Chairman of the Board of the Israel Innovation Authority and of the ISERD Steerin
Nine Israeli orgs. win EU funding under Horizon 2020 prog. to fight corona

The EU’s Horizon 2020 program urgently called for developments that will assist in responding to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

Israeli army Technicians carry out a diagnostic test for coronavirus in a IDF lab in central Israel
Hebrew U researchers warn: Take ‘vigorous action’ against COVID-19 now

The research team, which has been publishing predictions throughout the first and second waves, also said that as many as 600 patients will be in critical condition within nine days.

Prof. Ruth Gavison: A legal giant and a born mensch

Prof. Gavison, or “Rutie” as she insisted, was a brilliant legal scholar whose reach and dimension I could only sense, since her incisive scholarship was well beyond the scope of my comprehension.

Israeli experts struggle with one of the country’s most aggressive pest

The plant has a notorious reputation of being an aggressive invader that does not respond to pesticides and has serious negative effects on the environment, agriculture and human health.

UNIVERSITY COLLEGE of London was home to a violent student protest in 2016 against an event featurin
London U moves Hebrew program from Jerusalem to Haifa

Simon Wiesenthal Center claimed the move was because the school felt Jerusalem is on "occupied territory." The school said their contract ended.

Israel looking to bring top scientists home during coronavirus pandemic

ScienceAbroad is trying to help by informing scientists about the NIS 280,000 two-year Shamir scholarship to help scientists return and set up a lab here. The scholarship is by the Science Ministry.

Let them in

For the first time since the start of the “second wave,” the infection rate has fallen below threshold 1 – each contagious person is currently infecting less than one other person, it was disclosed Sunday.

A clay head dated to the 10th century BC, found at Khirbet Qeiyafa
Hebrew U. archaeologist says he found 'face of God'

From the Ten Commandments on, the warning against creating and worshiping physical depictions of the divine is one of the most recurring themes in the Bible.

Antioxidant smoothie
Israeli researchers correlate antioxidant rich foods with colon cancer

What drove the researchers to their focus, was the peculiar fact that only 2% of cancers take root in the small intestines, while 98% of cancers running along the digestive path occur in the colon.

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