Hebrew University

Jerusalem-based university founded in 1918 by Einstein and Chaim Weizmann

A simulated image of a black hole.
Time travel? Alternate universes? Hebrew U. professor explains black holes

The Jerusalem Post spoke to Hebrew University Prof. Prof. Tsvi Piran to better understand black holes.

PARENTS AND pupils read together in a first grade class at Paula Ben-Gurion School in Jerusalem.
‘School system not responsible for latest coronavirus outbreak’

HU professors tell gov’t to send young children back to school in first phase of any exit strategy

Ten days in, the national lockdown doesn't seem to be working

The report warned that movement during the lockdown has not dropped enough.

Postcard from world’s largest collection of Holy Land postcards at Hebrew University
Hebrew U receives world's largest collection of Holy Land postcards

David Pearlman did extensive research on them and provided HU researchers with valuable annotations and a complete catalog of his 130,000 postcard collection. "It has truly been a labor of love."

Hebrew U. research finds flu outbreak pattern during the winter

What they found was that weather prediction models were more effective in predicting flu outbreaks than singular variables such as temperature or rain.

Can DNA be used as circuits in electronic devices?

Previous known information on DNA molecules focused on its role in expressing heredity through genetic information.

Research by Yafit Gilboa of Jerusalem's Hebrew University on cognitive decline among cancer survivor
Israeli researchers discover how stress affects fight against COVID-19

“We’re going to see the outcomes of this outbreak way beyond the direct effects of the virus on those who were infected."

Jerusalem, from the balcony of Hebrew University Mount Scopus campus
Hebrew University awarded grant to fund Holocaust, human rights education

The Alfred Landecker Foundation grant entails the establishment of three new academic initiatives, and supplemental funding that will go towards the university's Minerva Center for Human Rights.

Deep breaths: Smoking pollution in Tel Aviv
Hebrew U. finds tobacco companies using loopholes to market to teens

Earlier in the year, new legislation concerning the marketing of tobacco products went into effect, which focuses on a prohibition of the display of tobacco products.

Hebrew University professor Shimon Shetreet running for president

Shetreet served as a Labor MK from 1992 to 1996 and held the religious affairs; science, culture and sports; and industry and trade portfolios.

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