Gaming as a hobby – how to get started

 (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Once gaming was regarded as something quite nerdish that only people who were really obsessed with everything tech related would understand or enjoy. Many people thought of it as simply a waste of time and some were even ashamed to admit they liked gaming. It’s safe to say that things have come a long way since then and now more and more people are drawn by the idea of playing video games. The stigma has been lifted and everyone is free to profess their love for gaming
If you think gaming could be a fun pastime for you and you’d love to add it to your list of hobbies, but you’re not sure where to begin, here are a few tips that can help you start your journey into the video game world. 

Choose your games 

There’s such a wide variety of games you can choose from that it will probably take a while to decide which ones you prefer. 
  • Role-playing games – these games transport you into amazing fantasy and sci-fi realms. They’re quite immersive, allowing you to explore freely and develop your character’s story in countless ways. You’ll go on numerous quests and missions as part of the game’s storyline. 
  • First person shooters – FPS games are obviously based on a lot of shooting. You usually see everything through the character’s eyes and proceed to fighting enemies to pass from one level to another. Since you’re no pro, if you want to increase your ranking on popular FPS games such as Valorant, you can easily do it by using a Valorant boost service.  
  • Massively Multiplayer Online Games – if it’s a crowd you’re looking for, MMORPG are the games you need to play. You can go on quests as part of a team or you can compete against other players in the game. 

Choose your platform

Nowadays, you have various options at your disposal when it comes to gaming platforms. You don’t need expensive devices and state-of-the-art gaming gear – unless that’s exactly what you want and you can afford it, in which case feel free to go for it. For those who don’t want to complicate their lives too much, a tablet or even a phone will do. Just try out some gaming apps available for Android and iPhone and see which one catches your interest. 
Of course, if you want something a bit more serious, nothing beats the good-old console. An Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo system are going to be your weapons of choice, and obviously you’ll need a TV to pair them up with. You can find them all at reasonable prices, so you won’t have to invest a fortune in your newly found passion. 
Last but not least, there’s PC gaming – probably the most popular form of gaming out there and the one preferred by a lot of devoted gamers. Money wise, you can play PC games with minimal investment, but if you want to go all in and enjoy the PC gaming experience to its full potential, you’ll need a healthy budget. Besides, newer PC games do require more performant equipment, so keep that in mind when choosing a platform.