Genos Center Foundation Announces Campaign For Genocide Art Gallery & Gardens

  (photo credit: Genos Center Foundation)
(photo credit: Genos Center Foundation)

The Genos Center Foundation, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, has announced a capital campaign for the development of a multicultural art gallery, non-denominational chapel, and reflective gardens focused on eradicating genocides worldwide.

The center, designed by founder and architectural designer Douglas Isaac Busch, will use art to raise awareness, promote healing, and offer new perspectives on past and present genocides ranging from The Holocaust and Armenian Genocide to those occurring today in areas such as Myanmar (also known as Burma), China, Ethiopia, Iraq, Syria and South Sudan.

The Genos Center will serve as a voice for marginalized communities and aims to eradicate the causes of genocides through art, education, and awareness. The center's mission aligns with Jewish values of tikkun olam (repairing the world) by addressing social injustices around the globe.

The foundation's campaign seeks to bring attention to the importance of remembering historical atrocities while promoting healing through artistic expression. The art gallery will showcase international works that highlight genocides throughout history while also featuring contemporary pieces that address current issues. 

Credit: Genos Center FoundationCredit: Genos Center Foundation

By way of art, the center will strive to captivate viewers with riveting stories that are thoughtfully curated and rotated every six months. To make sure these exhibits truly engage visitors from all walks of life, Genos Center will collaborate with talented international artists, learned scholars, and experienced educators.

In addition to the gallery, the non-denominational chapel will serve as a space for reflection and remembrance. The gardens surrounding the center will offer visitors a peaceful environment for contemplation and meditation.

This revolutionary building will be a shining example of energy efficiency and ecological responsibility, as it incorporates sustainable design principles and the newest green technologies. Eco-sustainable architecture is essential for achieving this goal with drought-tolerant landscaping a highlighted feature among other elements.

Much like Ibn Rushd [Averroes] said over 800 years ago in the famous quote, “Ignorance leads to fear, fear leads to hatred, and hatred leads to violence. This is the equation.” Busch believes that bigotry, ignorance, and intolerance are handed down through generations of fear of what we do not understand. We must acknowledge the atrocities of the past in order to prevent them from repeating.

The Genos Center's efforts also align with Jewish values of social justice and tzedakah (charitable giving). By utilizing art as a tool for education and healing, the foundation hopes to create meaningful change in communities affected by genocide.

Once finished, The Genos Center Foundation will donate the entire project to an institution, foundation, or city with a generous endowment that funds taxes and other expenses in perpetuity. This contribution allows visitors worldwide to explore the changing exhibitions of art, architecture and landscaping while enjoying a public park at their destination. With this plan in play it ensures that not only is there something new for people to witness but also presents numerous opportunities for growth over time.

Credit: Genos Center FoundationCredit: Genos Center Foundation

Douglas Isaac Busch and The Genos Center Foundation have already committed to invest more than $1 million dollars into the project and are asking for an additional $1 million as a seed capital, fifty percent of which has been raised thus far. For the complete construction and completion of our project, $30 million in total funding has been forecast through detailed cost analysis models which are being sought from various sources such as capital investment and endowment funds.

Throughout history, the abhorrent crime of genocide has inflicted tragedy around the world. The Genos Center is dedicated to preventing future genocides and fostering a culture that is tolerant and understanding through art and education.

Genos Center is continuing to actively search for a location, as well as garnering financial aid from generous individuals, foundations, and organizations. The organization is determined to put the blueprint created into motion so that the mission can be achieved.

Through the campaign, the Genos Center Foundation invites individuals from all backgrounds to join their mission in eradicating genocides worldwide. The organization is currently seeking Founding Partners to help bring the vision to reality. 

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This article was written in cooperation with Genos Center Foundation