Giuliano Gonzalez,turning entrepreneurs into household names through his secret Digital PR strategy

Earning more than ten times his average monthly income after designing and implementing his new fail-proof digital marketing strategies

 (photo credit: GIULIANO GONZALEZ)
(photo credit: GIULIANO GONZALEZ)

With the increasing number of companies converting their business nature to online because of the pandemic, the demand for online marketing professionals have also increased exponentially. Finding the right team or agency who understands your vision, customer base and demographics seems to be no longer the most effective way to bring in customers. With the growing competition to draw in leads and sales online, your business needs someone who has a fail-proof strategy who has worked for him and is currently working for many of his clients.

Gaining rapid popularity in the digital marketing space in the recent months is Giuliano Gonzalez, the founder and CEO of Elite Agency Growth - a full service digital PR agency who’s helping coaches, consultants & online course creators build credibility and authority through press, podcasts, content creation and social media growth. Giuliano’s team of digital marketing strategists at Elite Agency Growth are taking entrepreneurs and brands from being unknown to being known real quick through their proven and tested secret digital marketing strategies.

This secret fail-proof digital marketing strategy was a result of an intense financial downfall in his career last December 2020. Ironically the best month of income he’s ever had, December 2020 was also the worst descent because of wrong financial decisions. Like most businesses, Giuliano analyzed what went wrong, designed new plans and strategies and catapulted his way back to the top earning more than 10 times his average monthly income in the previous months in just merely 30 days.

You might assume that his success in the digital marketing space is something he’s been preparing for and studying his entire life, but no. Giuliano Gonzalez pursued a career in sports as a professional football player after arriving in Sydney, Australia from Puerto Varas, Chile at the age of 13. Taking the advice of a close friend, Giuliano left his athletic career and got into real estate. Jumping from one agency to another and finally settling at an elite agency for roughly 2 years, Giuliano learned the importance of customer service, client delivery and being what it takes to be the best of the best. 

Giuliano Gonzalez never really saw himself as an employee, since then, he had big goals of becoming his own boss. At the age of 23, he took a break from his real estate career and travelled abroad to re-align his purpose. On his return, he started hosting podcasts together with his best friend Justin and invited successful entrepreneurs to learn smart tips and tricks from them on how to earn millions. With the success of this new venture, Giuliano started receiving inquiries and requests from more clients to do other digital marketing campaigns for them. So, Giuliano decided to expand his digital marketing business and rebranded it to what we now know as Elite Agency Growth. Continuously innovating their craft, Giuliano and his team are constantly getting their heads around tailor-fitting the best marketing strategies and campaigns necessary to boost each of their client’s online popularity to bring in more leads, traction and conversion.