GLOBAL GLAM expands lifestyle offering with high-end investment pieces

  (photo credit: Global Glam)
(photo credit: Global Glam)

New York based luxury magazine, GLOBAL GLAM, has set its expansion into a comprehensive 360° lifestyle platform by opening the doors of its online luxury retailer House of Global Glam, the magazine’s all-inclusive one stop shop for coveted brands and accessories from around the world. CEO and founder Christine Philip utilizes her renowned expertise on all things fashion, beauty, and tech. 

For the style savvy searching for a fresh update to their wardrobe, GLOBAL GLAM’s lifestyle retailer carries in-demand designers to choose from like its array of staples from Alexander Wang, Jaquemus and Givenchy, while the more traditionally inclined will find pieces from perennial favorites like Tom Ford and Carolina Herrera.

House of Global Glam offers its patrons the opportunity to acquire investment pieces, and collector’s items, notably limited edition and iconic staples that are only set to appreciate in value. From lusted-after sold out vintage Chanel styles, to Dolce and Gabbana statement prints to Gucci accessories, the shopping platform hosts an incredible variety of smart buys. Global Glam has published a multitude of articles advising top investments a modern fashionista can make as the magazine’s ethos pervades deeply into this section of its store.

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Renowned for cluing its readers in on incredible travel tips, Global Glam’s luxury retailer takes vacation intel one giant step further by offering specially curated collections specific for coveted destinations around the globe. For Miami, a smattering of back and gold brocade Versace prints throughout bags, culottes, and earrings alike are available for purchase, a tribute to former Miami Beach resident and fashion kingpin Gianni Versace himself. For Mykonos, a variety of cool blue-toned accessories that perfectly match the crystal Aegean sea surrounding the island have been carefully curated by Global Glam to elevate any Grecian getaway. And for Morocco, expertly chosen silk jewel-tone gowns from Roland Mouret and gold adornments help vacationers fit right into the colorful city of Marrakesh.

These style compilations from House of Global Glam blend into the magazine’s popular series of its City ‘Glam Guides’, which give an inside look at the best places to stay and play in hotspots across the world. From the French Riviera and its buzzworthy Cannes Film Festival to the jaw dropping Greek isles, Global Glam helps readers plan the perfect travel itinerary and outfits for any season of the year.

Always dedicated to offering the best of the best in all facets of luxury, House of Global Glam likewise offers a selection of worldly homeware and decor, including jewelry boxes, vases, and decanters, adding an extra touch of luxury to every abode. For a sumptuous boost to a daily routine, the lifestyle platform’s mineral-infused water bottles and mulberry silk eye masks are available for those more beauty-inclined.

Thanks to its exquisite range of luxury brands to choose from and deep infusion of style tips sitewide, House of Global Glam has already started off to a resounding start, recently reaching a seven-figure valuation. Of course, the store’s success is only enhanced by its parent magazine’s reputation as one of the premier sources for fashion, beauty, travel and tech news internationally.

The online gazette gives an in-depth dive into the habits and happenings of the wealthy elite. From the latest tech gadgets on the market, to what a person who makes a million dollars a month does daily all the way to in-depth analyses on what kind of salary it takes to live comfortably in New York City, there’s a little something for every reader to garner a peek into this exclusive segment of the population, and the proper advice on how to join them.

Global Glam doesn’t stop at the superficial however; always advocating for a balanced lifestyle, it likewise publishes in-depth articles on how to live healthily and fruitfully, and life-hacks that make wellness easier and more effective. The magazine encourages mental pursuits and flexing the cerebral muscles, sharing pieces on the signs of intelligence and how to increase brain function. Pieces subverting traditional gender roles and dismantling stereotypes help spur readers to step outside of their comfort zones and subvert societal expectations for a freer, more satisfying life. 

With so much insight to offer and unparalleled advice to give, it's no surprise that Global Glam has amassed a huge following of loyal readers from top countries being the United States, Central Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. Global Glam has most certainly made a splash internationally, with its loyal audience helping the magazine reach a staggering valuation of $5 million USD. As the publication and its accompanying retailer continue to expand, the future most certainly seems bright for Philip, Global Glam, and all its readers alike. Now that the magazine has found new heights through the opening of House of Global Glam and its extension into the lifestyle sector, it seems that the sky’s the limit for Global Glam’s future in the industry.

The content featured in this article is brand produced