Gregory Grishayev: How to leverage social media during the pandemic

 (photo credit: GREGORY GRISHAYEV)
(photo credit: GREGORY GRISHAYEV)

The COVID19 pandemic has put almost everything in temporary halt and people confined at home due to movement restrictions. Although this pandemic has hurt the global economy and human interaction a lot, everyone just has to see the silver lining in this dark situation.

With so many businesses suffering from closure, the COVID19 pandemic is also a time to take advantage of social media, resurrect businesses, and reach out to a wider target market. Since an average user spends 2 hours and 24 minutes per day on social media, might as well leverage this and turn your audience into sales.

For Gregory Grishayev, now is the right time to resume offering your products or services with a lesser startup cost. Although vaccine roll out and restrictions are slowly lifted, things will not be fully back to normal until herd immunity is reached.

Thus, reaching your target through social media platforms is a good idea since you do not have to spend too much initial cost again in terms of rental, utilities, and such.

For Mr. Grishayev, the online world proved to be a great stage to sell anything that catches the interests of online shoppers. Gregory Grishayev started his first business by selling clothes on eBay.

Gaining followers and with increasing profitability, Gregory expanded his online clothing business and sourced his merchandise through Chinese sellers through Alibaba.

Unfortunately, online clothes selling become saturated that Gregory Grishayev decided to venture into the vaping business, hence, the conception of Eonsmoke. The vaping business was a success, giving Gregory Grishayev and his business partner a whopping $9.5 million in revenue by the end of 2013.

But the achievement did not last long due to the constant change in design and consumer demands. Although the previous ventures failed, Gregory is now back on track with his new baby, Purpyle sunglasses, an eyewear brand that sells handmade and polarized specs.

But instead of wallowing in one corner, you must take advantage of the constant and wider exposure offered by social media. Leverage the time spent by these people stuck at home or on their mobile devices scrolling their newsfeed for products or services that they need. With compelling photos and engaging content, you can convert traffic to sales.

What Are the Benefits of Social Media Marketing?

Even before the COVID19 pandemic, businesses across all industries and sizes have already taken advantage of the benefits of social media.

Whether you are starting up or struggling, social media is a powerful and cost-effective tool that will help your business gain followers, traffic, sales, and word-of-the-mouth marketing.

1.   Brand Awareness

In Facebook alone, there are 2.20 billion monthly active users and with this massive audience, you get to promote your brand without spending thousands of dollars for marketing. Also, you get to boost your brand quickly and easily. Pay extra attention to creating engaging content and eye- catching photos to create brand recognition.

2.   Genuine Engagement

With likable, open ended posts, informative, or shout out posts, this will allow your followers the opportunity to interact on your wall. Engagement will make your social media feel valued knowing they are not dealing with a robot. Letting them know that there is a dedicated person from the brand will give them the perception that you are serious about reaching your audience.

3.   Genuine Feedback

Having a social media account allows your brand to hear relevant feedback or anything your customers, followers, users, or liker’s have to say about your brand or services. That way, you can address those concerns quickly.

4.   Exceptional Customer Service

Social media channels help build a strong and meaningful relationship between your brand and your customers. Social media’s capability to accommodate instant messages allows immediate interaction regardless if it’s a good or back feedback. That way, you can respond to the customers right away especially for time sensitive scenarios.

5.   Customer Loyalty

You can create promotions and discounts for your loyal customers and followers to keep them engaged and happy. Small and expensive mementos like key chains, gift cards, discounts, or loyalty programs create a lasting impression about your brand.

Not only that, since these are loyal customers, they will likely promote your brand to their family and friends.

Social media networks are great for generating organic traffic to your business website when this is linked to your social media account. Not only that, if you are just starting up or your business is struggling, most social media platforms are for free.

Taking advantage of free a free social media account lets you do business without the need for a hefty initial cost. This means you can set up your business at home eliminating rental fees, utilities, and other operational costs.

Simply work on your budget, focus on creating interesting posts, engage, and get back to your customers promptly.